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Fashion Friday: The TWO Products You Need to Keep Your Makeup On ALL Day!

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Recently, the subject of Makeup Primer came up between myself and a friend and she had never heard of the concept. She didn’t use it and didn’t even know what it was. I couldn’t believe it! But then I thought back to before I knew about it…… and once I tried it, I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on. I never knew makeup could look so good!

If you want your makeup to stay put, and look exactly the way it did when you put it on, you will need two products: a Makeup Primer and a Setting Spray. So I thought I would share my favorites with all of you today for Fashion Friday!

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.34.05 AM


The Makeup Primer. After you put on your moisturizer, you will want to put on a Primer. Primers are usually silicon based and fill in any wrinkles, lines or spaces so when you put on foundation it doesn’t settle into those cracks. Think of it like using putty on a wall that has a dent or a scratch. You use putty (primer) to fill in the hole and then paint (foundation) to make the wall look pretty again. Fun analogy right?? ;)

My favorite is the Smashbox Photofinish Primer. It costs $36. And this baby last awhile! I can usually go about 8 months or so on one tube. So it is definitely worth the cost. The Smashbox Photofinish Primer actually won the Martha Stewart Weddings Big-Day Beauty Award! So I’m not the only one who loves it. (There are lots of versions of this product, I like the one I pictured the most. It’s the oil-free, original version.)

Now you probably want some sort of deal on it right? To be honest, I would pay full price for this item because it simply is that great and worth every penny. But I did find a few ways to save on it:

#1: Smashbox has a Best-Sellers Kit that includes a FULL Size Photofinish Primer and Deluxe Samples ofPhoto Finish Lid Primer,Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio,Layer Lash Primer andFull Exposure Mascara for $39. So for $3 more, you might want to grab that for all of the extra goodies that are included. Shipping is FREE!

#2: ULTA has Smashbox Photofinish Primer for $36 as well. Use coupon code 204252 online or print out their coupon to get $3.50 off.

#3: Grab a Travel or Mini Version if you want to test it out before you buy the bigger one. Sephora has the .4 0z Mini Version for $10! And they have the .5 oz Travel version for $15. Includes 3 free samples with your order.

#4: Grab the Smashbox Try Me Kit for $29. It includesBB Cream (0.5 oz.),Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder (0.25 oz) andPhoto Finish Foundation Primer (0.25 oz.). You can still use code204252 to get an extra $3.50 off!



Now you have primed, put on your makeup and you need something to make it stay. We use hairspray for our hair. So this is a similar concept. A setting spray does just what is says…. it sets your makeup to make it last all day. I am a huge fan of the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.(The one pictured above is the Travel-Size.) It works wonders. But don’t worry! It’s not sticky like hairspray. It feels like a spritz of a fine mist of water and dries instantly.

The big bottle of the All Nighter Spray is $30.00. And again, here are a few places to get it. NOTE: **If you are gonna grab the Primer and Setting Spray, you can combine deals and it should let you get free shipping with ANY store you decide to purchase them from. SCORE!

#1: Sephora has it for $30. 3 Free samples with your order.

#2: ULTA Beauty has it for $30 as well. They also have a travel size version for $14 if you just want to try it out. Free samples with each order. Use coupon code204252online or print out their coupon to get $3.50 off.

#3: Urban Decay has the All Nighter Full Size AND Travel Size for $32.

There you have it!! Use both of these products and your makeup will never be the same. Promise!

**If you want tosee past Fashion Friday posts, you can head here. ENJOY!:)


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  1. The ULTA coupon for $3.50 off states that it’s not good on prestige cosmetics. It might not work.

    • ^This. I used to work at an Ulta location. The $3.50 coupon is can’t be used on Urban Decay or Smash Box.

      • Forgot to add:
        This applies online and in-store.

  2. Thanks!!

  3. I thought that’s why you used the Temptu? So you use this in addition to Temptu?

    • You should use Primer with any makeup you use. I still use the Temptu. Primer first, Temptu, then the setting spray. 🙂 I use the Temptu because of how flawless the application is.. isn’t cakey and covers up any zit, imperfection or blemish.

  4. FYI, the Ulta coupons don’t work on either of these products. 🙂

    • Hey guys, sorry about that. I used this coupon in store yesterday on the setting spray without problem. So looks like you will have to go in store to use it.

  5. If you go to it tells you the brands that are excluded from their regular coupons. Both of these brands are on the list, like stated above.

  6. I love the Urban Decay setting spray!! It is seriously awesome. I use a different primer, but I completely agree with Melea that both products are totally worth the money!!! <3

  7. I’ve used the same primer for almost 2 years. If I forget to put it on, I will wash my face and start all over. I guess you could say I like it.

  8. I look forward to your Fashion Friday posts every week. Thank you for sharing all your fun tips!

  9. Can you “over layer”? Meaning, I already put on sunscreen, moisturizer & foundation in 3 separate steps. If I add 2 more to an already oily “canvas”, (combination skin: oily/dry) is that OK or would it exacerbate my condition? Also, I’m assuming concealer wouldn’t be necessary? Mind you, I know you don’t have a masters in cosmetology (or, do you?) but, any help/comments are appreciated!

    It’s so funny too for I was just thinking about primer due to a recent segment I saw on TV. I’d never even heard of setting spray. I also LOVED your carpentry analogy!!

  10. Primer and setting spray are new concepts to me too! Excited to try them. I noticed you talking about Temtu in a previous comment. Sounds interesting. Any additional info on that would be helpful. Where to get it?Thank you!

  11. I love DHC’s primer “Velvet Skin Coat”. It’s $22.50/tube but it does last quite a while, it doesn’t take much to do the job. I haven’t tried setting spray, but I plan to do so right away. I am enjoying your Fashion Friday segments very much!

  12. I love this primer. Great tip! Topcash is offer 6% back on purchase. Please consider using my link

  13. If you didn’t see it earlier this month:



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