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BEST Apps That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars Each Year!

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I know you guys can’t be online all of the time. So in case you guys missed the original post about”The One Thing That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars Each Year,” I thought I would share a video explaining all of these apps to you. Sometimes I think it is a lot easier to watch or listen to a video instead of reading through a long post. 🙂

If you aren’t using these apps, you will definitely want to start! I seriously save so much money using them!~

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.16.57 AM

If you don’t have a Smartphone yet, it might be timeto get one. Most of the time you can get a FREE Smartphone from companies who are willing to give you one in exchange for signing a 2 year cell phone agreement. The only charges you might have would be data/Internet charges that would be added to your regular cell phone cost. But you will save way more than that just by using the apps. If you need help finding a deal, it looks like Verizon has an entire page of FREE Smartphone Deals with 2 Yr Agreement… you can even score an Apple iPhone 4s for Free!

So here is the video, ENJOY!! (If you can’t see the video in your RSS Feed or Email, you can head here to watch it instead.)

Do you have Apps that save you a ton of money that I didn’t share?
If so, leave a comment and let us all know what they are!!

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  1. Isis is the best! They don’t hhave it for iPhone unless you buy a special case, but if you have android or Motorola you can get it. You can get a free jamba juice every day with it and it has tons of other discounts, like 3 off a 5 dollar purchase at certain restaurants. It also used to give you 20 percent off your purchase at smith’s the deals change every month but they always save a ton of money!

  2. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon all offer plans with “free” phones and “free upgrades” with 2 year commitment however, you still pay for their “free” phones and upgrades with higher-priced plans. After 2 years you still pay the same. Tmobile no longer has the “free” gimmick and you can also get some phone at no upfront cost or you can pay for the price of your phone upfront. The cost of the phone is included in you bill (Split up in 24 month or 2 years) after that the cost is removed from you bill and your bill is less u less your the type to keep upgrading.

    If you are currently in a contract with another carrier, tmobile will pay your termination fees to break your contract. They also just introduced a new feature where you can stream music for free without using your data. You can also “test drive” a new iPhone with no cost. They will send you an iPhone to try for 7 days no obligation. If you like it pay the service and if not send it back or drop it off at a store, no questions asked.

    I don’t work for T-Mobile but love the business model they have started and would recommend them to all. I know service coverage has be taken into consideration depending on where you live but if you get tmobile coverage, you won’t be disappointed.

    For example I have 5 smartphones with Tmobile all have unlimited talk, text and 1gb of data and pay $140 after all the taxes. I just recently added 2 smartphones and my bill increased 16.00 (2×8.00) which is calculated for 24m after that is paid off my phone bill goes back to 140.00 this won’t happen with the other carriers after 2 years. Just giving you options to consider.

  3. I love SnipSnap. I save so much money with that app! I also love that I can keep my coupons to stores and restaurants on there and keep it private for my own use later, and then I don’t have to drag my coupons around with me. Love it!

  4. You can get free limited voice minutes, text messages, and 500 MB data through FreedomPop. They also have discounts on qualified phones, or check the list to activate your own phone on their system. They are on the Sprint network.

  5. I don’t think you mentioned Checkout 51. I really like that app as well and it doesn’t limit your store which is really nice!

    • I use CheckOut51 almost every week. I love how it has one fresh produce in there and that’s how I get some of my groceries!

    • I use Checkout 51 as well! So great to get cash back like you do with ibotta!

  6. Love ISIS and checkout 51!

  7. If you’re old fashioned like us and still have a landline, this is a great pay-as-you-go option:

    T-Mobile $30 per month – Unlimited web and text with 100 minutes talk
    100 minutes talk | Unlimited text | First 5 GB at up to 4G speeds
    Now get unlimited international texting from the U.S. to virtually anywhere included in your planat no extra charge.
    This plan is only available for devices purchased from
    Wal-Mart or devices activated on

  8. Sprint has announced a new trial program for their network. Sprint will be giving a full refund to customers who aren’t satisfied with their Sprint service within the first 30 days. Specifically, Sprint will refund customers the cost of the device, and all activation and service fees will be waived.

    Sprint will begin this program this Friday, June 27. It will be available to new customers in Sprint stores, over the phone, and online. Much like T-Mobile’s recently announced ‘Test Drive’ program, Sprint’s trial is a way for customers to try a different network with minimal risk. Unlike Test Drive, Sprint’s trial lasts for 30 day, though it seems that customers will need to buy their device from Sprint, though as mentioned above, it is refunded if you are not satisfied with your service.

  9. I use SavingStar often and Checkout 51. Those two together, I can really save a bunch of cash. At the beginning of every month I head over to SS and activate everything that they have and if I go shopping at the stores that I’ve linked my card to then it just automatically adds up the discounts. I don’t have to prethink if I want something. Money just pops in my account 😉

  10. I use Ibotta, check out 51 and retail me not! My husband has Isis! Love them all!


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