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$.50 off ANY Brand of Eggs from Checkout51!!


Discount on Eggs

The new offers have loaded for this week.  And it looks like Checkout 51 is offering $.50 cash back when you purchase ANY brand of eggs! 

Getting any discount on Eggs is rare.  So, that is why you should use cash back companies like this to help you out.  You will pay the regular price at checkout.  Then, you can submit your receipt for the cash back.  And, once you get the cash back, you can start rolling it back into your grocery fund!

Here is how it works:

  • Create your account.
  • Check out what offers they have going.
  • Head to any grocery store and purchase the participating items.  **You can even use any coupons you already have!!
  • Upload a copy of your receipt
  • And they will give you cash back!

So instead of having to have coupons for all of the items you want to save on.  You can just submit your receipt and get cash sent back to you!

Want another easy $2?  Just submit any grocery receipt totaling $20 or more.

Once your account hits $20, you can cash out.  It’s super easy and a lot like other grocery store apps I have talked about before.  However, you can use Checkout51 with an app.  Or, you can use their Internet version.  So everyone can use this one!

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  1. Mine is showing up as $1.00 off!

  2. I used Checkout51 for the first time this week. It is so easy and I already have 8.00 in my account just for buying products that I was going to buy anyway. Using Checkout51 along with coupons put 17.00 “in my pocket”. And I don’t have to wait on a quarterly check as it goes to my Paypal account!! I had to add Chrome to do it with though as IE8 is not supported.

    • Thanks for the details Donna. I was wondering what the payment method was.

      Question: Can you use old receipts? 🙂 Or a multiple number of receipts?
      I’m planning to check it out when I have more time, but I’m confused about whether you have to “check out the offers” or “load them” BEFORE you go to the store.


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