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EXTENDED: Scentsy Family Monster Monday Sales in October!! Crazy Deals!

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Update: It looks like because of some technical errors with their checkout process yesterday, Scentsy has extended this sale through today, October 22nd. So if you missed out yesterday, you have another chance to shop today!

If you are looking to purchase anything Scentsy like Warmers, Bars and more, today is definitely the day to do it! Each Monday in October, Scentsy is holding a Family Monster Monday Sale! Items will be up to 75% off!

This sale also applies to Grace Adele, that I told you about last week. So if you want a discount on purses, jewelry and wallets, that is the place to check out!

**We have a bunch of readers that are Independent Consultants for Scentsy and Grace Adele. So, if you are, please leave your personal Scentsy link in the comment section below and readers can go through you! Make Sure you choose one of those links to go through to make your purchase to help out your fellow readers. 🙂

Please keep in mind that the sites will be running slower due to this awesome sale. But that is to be expected. So keep trying if you have any issues so you can get your order placed.

*If you are reading this in your F2D Email, you can head here to see the entire post with comments for the link you need.

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  1. I would love to help you with Scentsy!!

  2. My wife and I lost our scentsy stuff in a move a few years back. So I would be interested in getting prices on warmers and wax.

  3. Wanna deal so good, it’s ScArY?!! Check my Scentsy & Grace Adele websites each Monday in October for the most THRILLING specials. The full week before, you can preview what will be on special & ONLY MONDAY you’ll be able to see & buy at the LOWEST price! *Be patient because the sites are currently running VERY SLOW!

    Or with Misty’s Safe Scents.

  4. The sites are a little slow but plugins are starting @ $5.00 and full size premium warmers start @ $8.75!!! Take a look:

  5. Awesome Scentsy deals!! I would love to help if you need any Scentsy.

  6. WEEEEE! What could be better than Scentsy AND a deal! and if you order through the “smile train” link then all the proceeds will go to that charity. Woo hoo! From your fellow dealster Natalie.

  7. Oopsies forgot to add my grace adele site too. Sites are running a bit slow but keep trying! 😀

  8. I can with all your Grace Adele, Scentsy and Velata needs. Mondays are Monster Sale all through October and all Three brands are included. click my link and shop away. If you have any questions just email me

  9. I sale Tupperware Not Scentsy BUT I wanted you all to know that Tupperware is also having some GREAT sales! 30% to 50% off. Check out my website to learn more and to order:

  10. What is the price of shipping like?

    • Jamie it is $8 or 10% whichever is higher. But if you are getting several things then it is a great deal… considering there are plug ins for only $5, buddies for $6.50, soaps for $1.50 etc. Lots of stocking stuffers. My site is or www, if you are interested. 🙂

    • Lots of great deals! Check out my website at Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, at (319) 541-0523 or Happy Monday, and Happy Shopping!!!

    • $8 but if you are stocking up for Christmas, it’s still a great deal!

      • Well with a $2o total, $8 is almost half. Kind of a lot for shipping, but if you think about the original prices, it is really good deal.

  11. Does anyone offer free shipping? I hate paying for shipping that usually costs as much as the item I’m buying!!!

    • You can get free shipping if you spend $150 and dont tie to to a party. Otherwise, its $8 shipping cost up to $80 and 10% after that. You can text me at 801-376-6016 or email me at: if you have any other questions.

    • Amy call or text me at 801-842-6122. We are not supposed to post personal specials but I can tell you my specials. 🙂 or

    • Where are you located? I try to combine local orders here in MI. If you spend $150, Scentsy offers free shipping. You could REALLY stock up with this sale! What product are you interested in?

  12. Christine Alva-Hill Scentsy Director since 2005:
    (801) 671-6664 – West Jordan

    Click the link below to go the the Scentsy Monster Sale

    Here are some great Gift sets for under $12 using the Monster sale:
    Bloom plug-in $5 and Cider Mill Scentsy bar $4.50 = $9.50 NEIGHBOR GIFT
    Linger Body Butter $3 + Hand Soap $1.50 + Shower Cream $3 + Sanitizer 3 pack $2.25 = $9.75 GIRLFRIEND GIFT
    Linger Shower Gel $2.25 + Hand Cream $1.50 + Bath Tablets $2.50 + Hand Soap $1.50 + Hand Sanitizer 3 pack $2.25 = $10 TEACHER GIFT
    Scratch the Cat $6.25 + Scent Pak Lemon Coconut Chiffon $5.60 = $11.85 CHILD GIFT
    Call for help with your order (801) 671-6664

    Click here to go to the Grace Adele Sale:

    There are great deals on matching purses and wallets call me to find out which ones.

    *Shipping for both sales is $8, Contact me to find out how to get FREE shipping and how to a Half-price item to your order.

  13. Hello. If there are any Canadian shoppers looking to get in on the Monster Monday sale please follow this link. Happy shopping!

  14. My website is

    I would be glad to help with your early Christmas shopping.

  15. Shipping starts at $8 an order. But even with the shipping charge these are amazing deals! Not all items in the sale are closeout, there is regular product too!


    Ask me how to get FREE shipping
    (801) 671-6664
    Christine Alva-Hill
    Scentsy Director since 2005

  17. I would like to purchase some Scentsy but $8.00 shipping seems a little high. If someone is offering free shipping or doing a boutique in the Davis county area I am interested.

  18. The sale is still going strong! How exciting to see all these amazing products for such a low cost. Buddies normally $25 for $6.25 and Grace Adele bags reg. $80 for $32. I had to stock up too!!! Dont miss it you will have plenty of time. Message me if you have any questions.
    Grace Adele

  19. ???Hey guys~ Get your Scentsy fix at an amazingly scary pricePlug-ins as low as $5! Who needs Black Friday when you have Monster Monday right now!??!!


  20. If anyone lives in the IE in California let me know! The prices are great but the shipping is not!

  21. I know that I am late getting this on here but if anyone would like to help me out!

    There are lots of crazy deals that are perfect for Christmas shopping. Shipping is reasonable too!

  22. Hi there! I am late seeing this also but if you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and looking for a rep! I am your girl! I’m happy to help anyone with any questions. And yes the Monday Monster Madness sale is crazy! I could not access my website for 2 hours bc it was slammed!! haha…


  23. People are saving TONS of money with the #ScentsyMonsterMondaySale & The #GraceAdeleMonsterMondaySale! Get your Christmas shopping done for CHEAP!!!

    Please be sure to SELECT the “MONSTER MONDAY ORDERS HERE” Party when checking out if you decide to shop from my sites! Thanks!

  24. Looking for some great early Christmas gifts? Save time and money and click on my website for scentsy’s MONSTER MONDAY SALE 75% off items!!! There are only two Mondays left in the month so get them while supplies last. 🙂

  25. Hi fellow dealsters! and if you order through the Smile Train party link then all proceeds will go to that charity! 😀
    Think teacher gifts linger solid perfume for $1.80 (regularly $18)
    Think neighbor/ friend gifts Plug in for $5 and bar of your choice $10 (regularly $25)
    For family the full size hampton warmer is $7.50 or Marshall for guys for $8.75 and a bar $11.50 or $12.75 regulalry $35-$40!!! WOW
    Call or text with Qs or to hear my personal specials (801) 842-6122 😉

    Also my grace adele Monster Monday link is:
    Real Leather bags are $80 down from $200.
    Get a faux leather bag and a clutch for $48! Regulalry $120! WOW! Plus jewelry is a great price.
    Call or text or email for my personal specials (801) 842-6122 or

  26. It’s just another Monster Monday….. Plug-ins as low as $5 and Full-Size warmers as low as $7.50! Go check out all the awesome deals- Today only!

  27. If anyone is looking for a consultant in the GTA, I am located in Brampton, Ontario.

    I would be happy to help you with all your scentsy needs!

  28. Hey ya’ll! I’m in the Northern UT area! If you would like to support me, my website is!

  29. I live in Syracuse, UT. Anyone in Davis County, I would love to be your Scentsy gal 🙂

  30. I guess you all get ONE more day!! WOW!!! WHOO HOOO!!!
    “”To make it up to you, we are extending the #GraceAdele and #Scentsy Fragrance #MonsterMonday Sale through 11:59 p.m. (PT) Tuesday, Oct. 22. We still have a lot of sale products available. As we sell out of products, we will be replacing them with other great deals.”

    Order Grace Adele here:
    Order Scentsy Here:

  31. I would be glad to answer any question. & Just to let U all know Todays 10/21/13 Sale has been extended through 10/22/13 Due to overflow.. SO order early 🙂

  32. Hi yall! * GREAT NEWS* Monster Monday Sale has been extended to Tuesday at 11:59pm PT!!!! New sale items are being added, as others are being sold out! So order now!!!!
    I am a Scentsy Independent Consultant, a proud Air Force wife, a mama of 2 and a Hip Saver in the northern VA area!
    Check out our awesome deals happening each Monday this month during the Monster Monday Sales! Warmers as low as $5 and Layers products less than $2!!! Stock up on Christmas/teacher gifts for cheap (or your own personal stash!) Cant beat these prices!

    Missed the sale.check out the Combine & Save combos available each day through my website!

    I appreciate your business!
    Happy shopping & happy saving!

    ~Amanda McGovern

  33. It’s just another Monster Monday….. Plug-ins as low as $5 and Full-Size warmers as low as $7.50! Go check out all the awesome deals- Today only!

    ***Sale extended through TUESDAY*******

  34. YAY! This sale is now going on through Tuesday the 22nd since it was so slow yesterday!!! NatalieD.Scentsy/us or . Great teacher gifts, friend, and neighbor gifts at this price! (and self gifts lol)

  35. My website is

    Please let me know if I can assist with any questions 🙂

  36. This is awesome. Don’t miss out. Let me know if you would like any scentsy.

  37. This is awesome. Don’t miss out. Let me know if you want any scentsy.

  38. I’m a new Scentsy consultant! I started about a month ago & would love to be able to help others get in on these great deals. I’m in Northeast Ohio! Be sure to check back next week

  39. DRAPER GRACE ADELE CONSULTANT! Happy to help anyone get free shipping and pick up to my house on the LAST Monday Sale. Just email me with your order at and I am happy to get them all ordered to my house – then you can come pick up.

    Great Deals! I ordered 17 scarves last week for $6 each!!!!

  40. We would greatly appreciate the support if you could order through our family! Thank You!

  41. Are there going to be another sale like this for Nov. ?


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