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FREE Nursing Covers, Nursing Pillows, Baby Slings and Carseat Covers for Summer! Just Pay Shipping!

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Ok, all four of these offers are back and working with a new promo code! With promo codeHAPPYSUMMER13, you can get all of them for free. You will just have to pay the shipping cost on each of them- which is a ton less than what you would pay for the same items if you made them yourself or bought them elsewhere. I have purchased a few of their items and think they are great for the price. Plus, they make great gifts!!

freebies2deals udder covers grey

Right now,get a Nursing Cover for only $11.95 Shippedwith codeHAPPYSUMMER13. (Reg $34.95)

freebies2deals nursing pillow

You can alsoget a Nursing Pillow (similar to a Boppy Pillow) for only $12.95 Shippedwith codeHAPPYSUMMER13.(Reg $44.95)

freebies2deals seven slings

TheBaby Slings are only $11.95 Shippedwith codeHAPPYSUMMER13.(Reg $39.95)

freebies2deals- carseat canopy

And,you can also pick up a Carseat Cover for only $12.95with codeHAPPYSUMMER13.(Reg $49.95)

You can use the code as much as you want. You will just have to place a separate order for each one. So you can grab one for yourself or one for a gift!

**This promo can expire at any time.

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  1. Awesome, I always wait around for this deal.

  2. In my opinion, all of the items pictured are definitely worth the pay shipping only price, EXCEPT for the the baby sling! I just had my baby a while back and found all of the other items to be great quality and useful. However, the sling is not stretchy or adjustable and it’s just a piece of cotton fabric. So if the sling does not end up fitting you, you can’t use it and can’t return it- which happened to me. Also my baby hated it when I tried putting her in it. The sling also does not grow with your baby, so even if the sling fits, you wont be able to use it for very long because your baby will outgrow it fast. I suggest investing in a safe and comfy carrier like the Baby Bjorn where where you can keep adjusting it to fit your baby.

    Also, for the nursing cover, it works great and has been helpful to me. It is only a single piece of cotton fabric with an adjustable neck tie- not much to it. I am sure you could easily make one maybe even for less $, but I don’t sew, so that was worth the price to me.

    The nursing pillow is very similar to the Boppy. It is not as puffy as the Boppy, but it works great, definitely worth the price.

    The car seat cover is excellent, well worth the price, I am surprised they don’t charge more for that one.

    • Thanks for the info on they sling! Nursing covers are easy to make, my Mom has made them for many baby showers! I still have mine from my last baby. I will look into the car seat cover!

    • Cool, thanks for the reviews.

  3. I can’t the nursing pillow link to work? Is there a web site I can type in?

  4. So Amy, or anyone else, Do you recommend getting the size exchange fee for the sling?
    Has anyone else used the sling to toddler stage? What about strain on your back while wearing your baby?

    • If it looks like something you could use, then maybe the exchange fee would be worth it for you. If I remember correctly the sizes ran very small. I have seen plenty of people use them – or something similar. I personally would not use it even if I had the right size for a few reasons. Mainly, it just does not seem very secure to me. It seemed like my baby could fall out and I’d have to be holding onto her anyway. Also, it didn’t seem like it would fit my baby for long. I have a 7 month old now and there is no way she would want to be in there- even a couple of months ago, she moves around too much. This is just my opinion, others may have had a great experience with it. I saw a very similar model at Target on clearance for $7. As far as the strain on the back, I don’t know because I wasn’t able to use it. But, if you go with something like a Baby Bjorn, they are made to ease the strain on the back as well as fit the baby. I am a fan of the Bjorn- it is very secure and hands free. I’ve taken my baby hiking in it several times and she just slept in it. $12 isn’t bad to try something out though! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this AWESOME deal!!! Bought a carseat cover and udder cover for the arrival of my first grandson.

  6. I loved the carseat cover I got through this deal with my last baby! It’s soft and well made. It fit the carseat and made it nice and dark in there for naps. Great deal!

  7. The nursing pillow is really small compared to the boppy and provides no support for nursing. My 2 year old used it for playing(nursing) with dolls because I couldn’t use it. It’s more comparable to a travel neck pillow than a boppy, so needless to say I was disappointed.
    The sling has no stretch so it is kind of hard on my shoulder and back. But I have used it for both my kids when they are 6 months or older. It helps to support when carrying a baby on one hip with one arm. It is very helpful when running a quick errand without a carseat or stroller because it gives you a free arm. So I keep it in my car, but I limit its use to 30 min or less.
    The nursing cover is kind of small, I make them for baby showers and use 3/4 yard, because it I prefer the extra coverage.
    I haven’t ordered the carseat cover because I assume it is minimal coverage like the nursing cover.


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