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Last Day to Purchase the CHEAPER Disneyland Tickets! (Buy Them Now at the Lower Price!)

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freebies2deals discount disneyland tickets price increase

Quick reminder, TODAY, June 20th is the LAST DAY to purchase your Disneyland Tickets for the cheaper price. †You can use these tickets anytime in 2013.

If you weren’t aware, Disney has just increased their prices again for Disneyland and Disney World. †And, depending on which ticket you purchase for Disneyland, it is as high as $15 more per ticket!!

So I wanted to let you know that Get Away Today is letting people purchase the old Disneyland Ticket Prices through June 20th. †After that, you will have to pay the higher Disneyland Ticket Prices. †**If you head to the Disneyland Website right now, the prices have already updated to the higher price.

For Example: †Disneyland has their 3-Day Adult Park Hoppers with Magic Morning for $260! †Get Away Today has the SAME ticket still at the lower price for $245! †This is so great because if you are traveling anytime between now and Dec 31, 2013, you can use the tickets that Get Away Today has. †You just have to purchase them by June 20th! †

If you can’t pay for your entire vacation right now, remember that Get Away Today has payment plans. †So if you set that up and start making payments to your vacation BEFORE June 21st, you can go anytime in 2013 and get the lower price for your trip! †Depending on the size of your family, it will probably save you around $75 by purchasing them ahead of time.

You can head over here and purchase your tickets. †Or, you can call Get Away Today directly at 855-GET-AWAY. †If you are booking a Vacation Package, make sure you give them the promo code FREEBIES2DEALS and you should get an extra $10 off any 2 Night Hotel Stay with tickets. †That discount, along with the Park Hopper Discount should help you save a bit!

So, talk to your spouse and see if Disneyland is in the cards this year!† If you havenít had a chance to take your family yet, it really is one of the most Magical Places on Earth.† And, one of my favorite places to go!† Iím a Disney nut!

**Important:††Iím guessing that a lot of people havenít heard about the Disneyland price increase.†So, at the bottom of this post, you will see a little envelope (for email), Twitter button, Facebook Button and Pinterest Button.† By clicking any of those, you can share this post with your friends and family members.† PLEASE DO!† They only have a little bit of time to purchase the discounted tickets.

**If you have wanted to do the Freebies2Deals Discounted Disneyland Trip I posted about previously, you will want to book that BEFORE June 21st as well. †Or, the current package prices will have to go up in price just a bit to cover the ticket increase. All of the details on that are over here!!

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  1. I see the discount prices for Disneyland but what about Disney World?

  2. Is anyone else angry that Disney keeps upping their ticket prices? Geez!

    • Seriously! I completely agree.

  3. Why did they up their prices again? 2x in a year.. Making it hard for anyone to go!

    • We have a theory…crowd control! We have be season pass holders for years – until this year when an annual passport went up nearly $100! I wonder if it’s Disney’s way of controlling the number of guests that enter the park – it sure worked in the case of our family since we didn’t renew our annual passports!

      • I have a lot of friends who have been Disneyland season pass holders for years and this year they are not renewing, do to the price increase. We have only been to Disneyland twice and California Adventure once in the last 8 yrs. Personally, I thought California Adventure was a waste of money. I prefer Knott’s Berry Farm over Disneyland. The roller coasters are great and my girls love Camp Snoopy. We only paid $72/season pass for Knott’s Berry Farm.

  4. I don’t like that they keep raising the price, but so has Six Flags, Lagoon, AMC, sporting events, everybody. If people pay it, they will push the envelope as far as they can.

  5. Prices on everything are going up! I have a heart attack everytime I go to the store! Thanks for all you do posting these deals for us…every little bit helps!

  6. I really wish we were going to Disney land.. What an awesome deal.


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