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Don’t Forget to Look for Beer Rebates! (No Beer Purchase Required for 14 States!)

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Over the weekend doing, I noticed this awesome Beer Rebate at my local Walmart. Since Utah is one of the 14 States that does not require a Beer Purchase in order to use the Beer Rebate, you basically get food for free!!

For example, this rebate was for $5 with a purchase of chips or salsa. There were bags of Tortilla Chips for only $1.67 at Walmart. So you could purchase those, turn in this rebate and get a $5 Check back! That means you actually make about $3.00!!

I personally think that beer rebates are one of the coolest things out there for saving money.And, there are 14 states that actually doNOTrequire a beer purchase.(Al, AR, CT, HI, IN, KY, ME, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OK, UT AND WV)Depending on the rebate, you could score amazing rebate deals on everything from meat, fresh produce, seafood, and grill items.

Summer is a HUGE time for Beer Rebates. So, if you haven’t heard of them, or want to know how to use them, make sure to check out the video below! Hopefully I am getting better at the videos- bear with me! 🙂

(If you cannot see the video below in your RSS feed or Email updates,head over here to watch it instead.)

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  1. Melea,

    Where do you find the actual rebate? Is it hanging somewhere in the store? Or is it usually on the product (ie-the bag of chips or salsa)?


    • You will need to look on the Beer Aisles or at customer service to find the Beer Rebates. They can be different at each store.

  2. Just tried my first one the other day, and it clearly said no beer purchase necessary in Utah, but they sent my rebate back saying I didn’t include the UPC (which obviously I wouldn’t have since I didn’t buy the beer). It was the first rebate my entire life that didn’t actually work. Guess it never hurts to keep trying though.

    • Chelsea,
      You can call them and let them know you live in UT and you do not have to purchase beer and include the UPC. I have had to do this a couple of times and they are really good about sending it back through and you get your rebate. But make sure when you submit a rebate to watch the fine print. Some rebates require you to send in the UPC’s of the chips etc. Just follow everything the rebate says and you should be good. I scan my rebates on my computer so I have access to the actual form and if you happen to have a discrepancy, call the rebate company and they are really good about getting themselves straightened out.

  3. I don’t understand. I live in CT, which you have listed as one of the 14 states. When I look at the rebate forms they always say I need to purchase beer and mail in the form with the original register receipt. So maybe it says a couple pounds of chicken and 2 six packs or something. How do I work this so I can get the rebates?

  4. I love beer rebates! I always find like 1 or 2 at Smith’s.


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