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Reminder: Free Carseat Cover, Free Nursing Cover or Free Baby Sling! (Just Pay Shipping!)

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Heads up!† These offers are back and working!†

Right now, you can get a FREE Carseat Canopy with coupon code ENBABY.† You will just have to pay for shipping- $12.95.† Even with shipping costs, getting a Carseat Cover for $12.95 is a killer price!† Iíve seen these sold for $30-$50.

If you want one, a lot of styles are being put on backorder. So order quickly, or if you arenít in a hurry, the backordered items will list when they will be shipped.

UdderCovers is offering a FREE Nursing Cover.† Just use code†ENBABY at checkout to drop the price from $34.95 to $0.† Or, you can purchase a 3 Piece Gift Set that includes a Nursing Cover, Breastfeeding Bracelet and Breast Pads for only $5.00 with the same†ENBABY promo code.

Shipping does cost $11.95.† So in reality, you are paying $11.95 to purchase the Nursing Cover.† But, in my opinion, that is a still a steal of a price for something like this.

Just so you guys know, I have ordered from them before and have had great experiences with my orders- no problems.† And, they have been great to give as shower gifts- especially only paying $11.95 for them!

**If a style you want is on backorder, they usually have a back in stock date and donít take that long to get to you.† So, donít be afraid to order that one if you really want it.

In case you didnít know, you donít have to spend a fortune on Baby Carriers.† Seven Slings does promotions where they end up being free.† And, you just have to pay $11.95 to have them shipped!

Right now, you can use coupon code†ENBABY to get your Baby Carrier Free! The coupon code can run out at any time.† So, if you need one for yourself, or just to have on hand for a baby shower gift, it is a great time to grab one!

**You can use the promo code more than once.. you just have to pay separate shipping and re-open the window I linked you to above to start over.

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  1. I love my carseat canopy! And you can’t beat the price!

  2. Great deal! I had this canopy on my baby registry for 3X the price. Thanks!

  3. my wife did this with our carsesat cover, I justed wanted people to know its legit

  4. I got a nursing cover which was pretty cheap quality, but it served its purpose. I had 2 ladies come up to me and ask me if I got it from WIC, because they got them from there. Maybe they have some connection?? That is awesome that they are encouraging nursing (yeah). I would recomend getting one.
    But I have BAD reviews on the sling. I did not like it what so ever. I think I could have made a better one for what I paid for the shipping. The material does not have any give, so make sure you order a little bigger than you think. I had to cut it up and resow it because it was not a comforable way to carry my baby. I would go with huggamonkey. The slings they offer are pretty good, and some are resonable (about $20).

  5. I’m not wanting whole caboodle I’m just wanting the slip and hood. Does carseat canopy sell those separate


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