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Home Depot Christmas Light Exchange!

Starting today, November 1st, you can take in your old or broken Christmas lights to any Home Depot location and you’ll receive a coupon for up to $5 off the purchase of energy efficient seasonal LED lights!

This year it looks like there is no coupon required to take advantage of this deal. I would still print off the ad and take it with you when you go though. Just in case!

Here’s are the coupons being given out during this trade-in event:

  • $3 off coupon towards the purchase of Home Accents Holiday String Lights
  • $4 off coupon towards the purchase of Martha Stewart Living or GE LED String Lights
  • $5 off coupon towards the purchase of EcoSmart or Lightshow LED lights

The great thing is, you can score up to 5 coupons! Which means even more cheap Christmas lights! 

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  1. Thanks!! Going to go today!

  2. If you wait until about 2 weeks before Christmas the lights become REALLY cheap. A couple years ago we bought energy efficient lights and with in a month we had 2 stands go out on us. We returned them all (with receipt) 2 weeks before Christmas and were able to get the normal lights and some additional light decorations for half the cost of the energy efficient ones.


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