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Valentine’s Day Clearance Starts TODAY!

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Hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s Day! Today starts the Valentine’s Day clearance all over the place. You should see discounts of 30%-50% off today. Or, you might get lucky and find higher discounts.

I just got back from my Target store so I could take a few pics for you guys and to give you a heads up on what you might see.

Kid’s Boxed Character Valentines 30%-50% Off– Have them pick out their Valentine’s for next year and save some money! If you are planning on doing this, I would try to go today. There were a lot of boxes at my selection… but it was also the aisle that was the busiest.

Bagged Candy 30% Off– Just a word of caution. I noticed some people putting bags of candy in their cart just because the sign said 30% off. However, the SAME exact bag of candy in the regular candy aisle was cheaper. So, make sure you are watching your prices so you don’t make the same mistake. Sale signs are made to make you purchase things. But, as long as you have your phone or calculator handy, you can figure out whether something really is a deal or not.

All Valentine’s Novelties 30%- but mostly 50% off

If you are new to shopping Holiday clearance sales like this one, make sure you use the Target price scanners throughout the store to double check prices. Things get put back in the wrong places, or are can be lower that what is stated on the price sticker. You don’t want to get up to checkout only to find a bunch of items in your cart are more expensive than expected.

**Your clearance percentages could be higher or lower depending on your store and inventory.

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  1. Target also has a lot of valentines candy coupons on their mobile coupons this month.

  2. For example a Hershey’s pot of gold, box of chocolate was on sale for $4 at my target and there was a $1 off coupon on my mobile coupon text so I got it for $3, and normally it was $10.

  3. Great gift ideas for wedding gifts!! Heart cake pans & kitchen items. My favorite was the Disney stuff to be used for our upcoming Disneyland trip in March!! Buy now and use for later.


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