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*HOT* Possible $4.16 Moneymaker Deal Scenario on TENA Products at Walmart!

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Update: Since this coupon states “up to $7.00” some Walmart locations are not giving overage on this coupon, while other Walmart locations are giving the overage. Just a heads up, your mileage may vary on this deal. 

There is a new coupon out right now for $7.00 off of any TENA product! To get the coupon you will need to fill out a form on the TENA site. Then, once you have done that, the coupon will then be emailed to you & you can print it off.

Once you have the coupon, you can use it to score the following money maker deal scenario at Walmart! Here’s how:

Purchase the TENA Liners for $2.86 or the TENA Pads for $5.24
Use the $7.00 off of any TENA Product Coupon (can only be printed once!)
Total cost FREE + up to $4.16 in overage!  

Please note, Walmart’s Coupon Policy does state that overage is allowed and can be used toward other items in your cart so you should have no problem with this deal. Of course, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to take the Walmart Coupon Policy with you when you go. In fact, I highly recommend that you do since you are getting so much overage with this awesome deal!

**This is an unadvertised deal. Pricing and selection may vary by store and region!

(Thanks I Heart the Mart)

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  1. The coupon says “up to $7 off”. Does that mean you will only really get the amount you spend? Just curious before printing it if anyone else has done so and can read the fine print.

    • Great question! I wonder too..

  2. I printed it off, but it’s not very specific in the fine print. The coupon does say “Save up to $7.00 on any TENA product,” but in the fine print it says that they will reimburse the retailer “the face value of the coupon.” So, I’m not sure…what do you think?

  3. If the coupon says they will reimburse the retailer “the face value of the coupon” my Walmart will enter it at the full value, so in the case of this coupon, they will give the full $7.00. Different Walmart locations might vary on this though.

  4. I tried to use this at my Walmart as a Money Maker, the checker was very rude, and called over her manager, I showed them both the “Walmart Coupon Policy” I printed out and they both said there was NO WAY they would give me the full value and only gave me the exact value of the Tena Product. I was embarrassed and wish I had never tried for the full $7 .00

  5. I had the same trouble at my WalMart. I fought for my coupon, however, they refused to honor the whole amount, so I had them write the purchase price and that the coupon was honored at that amount only on the front of the coupon. It is just a money maker for walmart, otherwise.

  6. Has anyone been able to get this as a money maker? I tried today and the cashier was going to reduce the coupon to the price of the product, so I didn’t end up purchasing it. I figured I might try again with another cashier. Unfortunately, the fine print on my coupon is pretty light, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to point out the fact that it says it’ll reimburse them the face value of the coupon. If it doesn’t work, I can’t really complain about a free product, but I was pretty excited about this being a money maker.

  7. I was able to get it as a money maker. I had a really nice cashier. He did ask me what he should do since it says “up to $7” I told him it was up to him if he wanted to give me the full $7 or not. I did tell him that the coupon says it will reimburse the face value of the coupon. He said “ok lets try it” and he did and it worked. I was so happy I got a nice cashier:)


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