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Reminder: Walmart Price Matching Black Friday Sales!

I know there is confusion as far as how the Price Matching will work for Black Friday at Walmart this year. So, I thought I would put up a quick post about it.

Just like every other day of the year, you CAN price match at Walmart on Black Friday. Just make sure you take in the other store’s ads with you. They must state a price on the ad. And, BOGO Sales without prices, or just a percentage off CANNOT be Price Matched- ever. Just take your ad and the items you want to price match to ANY register at Walmart and the cashier can adjust the price for you! Here is a copy of the Walmart Price Match Policy for you to print out as well.

Earlier, Walmart announced a Price Guarantee. That stated that if you previously purchased an item at Walmart and found it advertised for a cheaper price somewhere, you could bring in that ad with your receipt and Walmart would refund you the difference in a Walmart gift card. This Price Guarantee WILL NOT be valid on Black Friday.

However, any regular price matching is a go and definitely something you should do if you don’t want to be at 4 stores all night long. 🙂

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  1. Does anyone know if Walmart will have online Black Friday deals?

  2. Does anyone know since walmart opens at 10 pm on Thursday if they will make you wait until midnight or whenever the other stores are opened to price match? I hope this makes sense!

    • That’s what I’m wondering. I’m looking at a couple of Best Buy items and want to pick them up earlier rather than later.

  3. I am wondering if Walmart will match a price Target has with a free gift card…or does that not get matched?

    • They will not match gift card deals.

  4. Last year walmart would only honor the ads if the other store was already open. so if you are at walmart at midnight and you want to price match a store that opens at 5 am they wouldnt do it til then. as long as the time has passed they will do it. I have purchased their black friday things online before (electronics) so I didnt have to wait in line and be disappointed that i did not get it.

  5. If u don’t have the actual ad can u print it online and take it in to price match?

  6. To price match it has to be the printed circular ad cannot be an online deal.

  7. Does anybody have an idea on when I should get in line for the Sandy Walmart that opens @ 10pm tomorrow? I would like to at least have Thanksgiving dinner first!


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