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Coupons in your Newspapers are Different for Everyone

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If you get a Sunday only newspaper subscription, you get the Coupon inserts that come each week. I’ve had a few comments lately about people being disappointed that their coupon amounts are different than what other people are gettting. So, let me help explain why.

Every region will get different inserts. Some will get the same coupon with different areas getting a higher coupon value. And, some just won’t get the coupon at all. Manufacturers decide which areas will get the coupons and why. It could be because they are lacking in sales in that area, are doing market research on individual products or that product is only available in certain areas.

For example, Utah gets lower value coupons all of the time. It’s something I have just come to accept. Couponing is very popular in Utah. So, my guess is that is why we get lower value coupons than the rest of the country. So, while I might post a $1.00 off coupon in my matchups… because the majority of the country received it… some areas may only get a $.50 or $.75 off coupon instead.

There are also times when I don’t even get certain coupons that other states get!

So, in the future, if you see a matchup on that matches your coupon insert date but has a different value, just know that everyone is probably getting different coupons too! 🙂

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  1. I was wondering if you had an opinion on the Savings Club? Is that something you will try or not?

    • I wouldn’t do it. They offer plenty of coupons for free. So, to pay to get access to other money saving coupons doesn’t seem worth it to me.


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