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New to Couponing?? Start with One Store at a Time!

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When you are brand new to couponing, it can be really overwhelming trying to get deals at different stores, understand all of the coupon policies and learn how to use coupons on top of it all.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to start with one store at a time- working from the easiest to the hardest.  So, start with a Walmart or a Target.  Their couponing policies are pretty basic and you won’t have to deal with Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks or other weird promotions from stores.

After you have been using your coupons at one of the easier stores, feel comfortable knowing the coupon policy and how to make the store work for you, then you can move on to another store.  If you can work your way through stores like this, it won’t seem so overwhelming and it can help make the couponing idea a lot less stressful.

After you feel comfortable with a few of the easier stores, then move on to places like CVS and Walgreens.  They both offer in-store promotions called ECBs and Register Rewards that can get tricky with the amount of coupons you can use on your transactions.  If you start with one of these stores, more than likely it will be too much to handle.  It’s just to easy to make mistakes and get frustrated.

Hopefully that can help some of you who are new to couponing and don’t know where to start!  And, don’t forget to check out the coupon policies I have linked you to under the “Stores” category in the Navigation Bar. ALWAYS take them with you on your shopping trips.  You never know when you will need it!

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