Couponing 101

Learn How to Do Deal Matchups On Your Own!

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As much as I love posting deals for all of you, I really want all of you to become self-sufficient in finding your deals and matchups at the Grocery Store. I know it definitely can be overwhelming.

So, I thought I would give some tips on how you can start to find your own great deals in store. I am only able to post about deals that are advertised. And there are a ton of deals at your grocery store that you could be walking right past and not even know about it.

#1 Even though I do the matchups, a LOT of people learn visually. So the next time you see the matchups on the site, pullout the actual adand walk through the matchups that I have posted with the advertised deals in the ad. It will help you learn how I’ve added the coupons with the advertisement and it will help you to know whether or not a shopping trip at that store should be on your To-Do List.

#2 Be Aware of Your Coupons. Before you head to the store to do some shopping, you should quickly thumb through your coupon binder to get a visual of what coupons you have. If you cut each week, then you might be able to skip this step- if you can remember the types of coupons you have. Then, if you see a price in store that seems really cheap to you, check your coupon binder for the coupon and see if it comes out to a rock-bottom price.

#3 Make sure you are aware of your store’s coupon policies. A lot of policies are changing lately, and you need to make sure you understand the updated one. That way, you can do your matchups correctly and not have any problems when you are checking out.

Doing these three things will ensure you are successful with couponing and help you find your own deals! It feels great when you know you were able to find a rockin deal on your own!

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  1. Teach the man to fish. I like it! 🙂

  2. will be a mom to 3rd baby girl in December and I want to get the couponing thing down pack to understand it. I feel overwhelmed when I try to read on how to do it because I learn best visually. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me before December as I really will need this b/c money is tight as my family of 5 only live son one income. Thanks and God bless you!


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