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Creating a Balance: Compromise and Coupons!

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Lately, my husband has been coming with me to the grocery store to pick up some of the deals I want. He gets to push the cart and I love that I don’t have to. 🙂 It’s been a little hard because not being a hard-core couponer like I am, he sees something, remembers how good it tastes and wants to buy it. I look at the price and think… Are you kidding me? He knows we don’t usually purchase things without coupons. So I always have this bewildered look on my face and just walk away.

But, as much as I do not like to purchase things without coupons, it is important to learn to compromise. It is important to make my husband and my family happy while still saving money. So, today while we were at Smith’s, he pointed out numerous things he wanted that unfortunately, weren’t on sale and we didn’t have a coupon for. So I had to promise to watch for and stock up on those items the next time there was a killer deal.I could tell he was a little let down, but he understood the method behind my madness.

Oneof the deals he wanted was the Kellogg’s Cars 2 Cereal for $1.50. (Normally I wait to purchase a box of cereal until it is close to $.75.) However, it was on sale and I did have a $1.00 off 3 coupon we could use. Would I have normally purchased that?? No way! But, spending a little extra to make his day was worth it to me. You should have seen how happy he was for that Cars 2 Cereal!

It made me realize how easy it is to get caught up in being overly obsessive with coupons. I think it is really important to create a great balance between all of the deal hunting we do as couponers. Sometimes you do need to stick to your guns in order to save money and build your stockpile. But, making a few exceptions here and there means you are still human—-and I think that is how we all want to be, right?

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  1. Hooray for being human:).

  2. Great! My husband does the same thing… But my husband will also go to the store without me and come home with a lot of stuff that I had coupons for and could have atleast gotten $1 off if nothing He just does not seem to understand my concept of saving money.haha.

    • Some stores will give you the cash back for the coupon with your receipt. Check your store’s policy 🙂

  3. I can so relate to that appalled look with a turn and sigh. That made me giggle. Usually most things end up in the cart anyway. Thats how the spouse learns though- and I can already see him becoming more interested in couponing. The truth is – if I give him free reign to make the mistakes he will eventually end up better than me! Can’t wait because my grumpy grumbles are nothing to giggle about!

  4. My husband is a disabled vet so he is always with me. He’s much better at math than I am and he’s excited for our stockpile to grow. He bought (full price) some storage shelves for it. It’s fun to share this hobby/lifestyle with him. I just embrace what he brings to the experience. We do take “couponing” trips and “non-couponing” trips and stick to our list on the couponing trips.

  5. I understand this most of the time my husband is on board with the whole coupon thing, but if he or my 16 year go with me I let them have one item that is a free be to them. Which means they get one got to have item with no fear that I will give that look, and it thanks them for there time to help me do this.
    p.s this was a great write up.

  6. I completely agree with your post. While shopping at Fresh Market yesterday, my kids and I visited the bakery for a free cookie. My kids LOVE their chocolate chip cookies which I usually only buy when on sale (B1G1 free). However, my kids wanted more and I decided it’s ok to pay a little extra from time to time. Life if meant to be enjoyed, right?!

  7. On Easter Sunday I was having a Gal-Bladder attack and was completely immobile. Since I couldn’t feed anyone let alone make a Ham and Scalloped potatoes!, Hubby took all three kids to the store. I asked “how’d they do” meaning the behavior of the kids…he said “they were fine, I’m not sure why they’re so bad for you” then I saw what he bought! 3 bags of doritos, 2 gallons of ice cream, a box of corn dogs (gag!) and Tyson chicken strips. Plus or minus a few other things, he spent $70!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was so upset. he insisted everything was ‘ON SALE” which is completely different than an actual good price though.
    After that I made him drive me to the hospital.

  8. Going to the store and not picking up everything that catches your eye takes discipline. But I must say that I am glad you realized whats important for your relationship and that a splurge once in a while is a good thing for team building. So many people get disappointed with couponing and dont stay the course for the long term benefits. Acknowledging the other people in your life by making note to stock up on their favorites when the time is right is a great way to keep the harmony and encourages them to be supportive of the couponing lifestyle.

  9. Me and my husband have a rule that we can have one “treat” that isn’t on our list…that way everyone is happy and it’s always nice to have that something special (especially since I’m pregnant, I crave a lot!)!!

  10. So, just curious, what’s the time frame for building up enough coupons that you’ll have a coupon for pretty much each item on your grocery list? I just started receiving Sunday papers this past Sunday…so I’m quite new to couponing. Thanks!

    • I would say about 3 months. Then, you will be set for life! 🙂

  11. $.75 cereal? I thought I was pretty good with coupons, but how do you get that price?? Is it GOOD cereal?


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