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Smith’s Printable Coupon Policy!

I have been in contact with Smith’s Corporate to get you guys an actual copy of the Smith’s Coupon Policy.  There were just too many of you stating that each Smith’s store was handling coupons differently.  And, that can be really frustrating.

Now, you can print out an Offical Smith’s Coupon Policy that I have uploaded to my Google Docs here.  (Just click on file and then print) Make sure you ALWAYS have that policy with you each time you use coupons. 

And, just for note, each store and cashier should now have a policy at each checkout station as well.  So using coupons should be a lot smoother from now on.

**The policy isn’t as definitive as I would like it to be.  But it is a really good start to actually have a coupon policy from them!  And, it should cut back on coupon problems you all have been having.

(Thanks Smiths Corporate)

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  1. Thanks for the update. I don’t see anything on there about limiting internet coupons to only two same coupons a transacation as is being reported by other blogs? Any word if it is still okay to use more than two of the same internet coupons? My Smiths hadn’t heard anything about it, just said you couldn’t use copies, which of course is illegal.

    • Yes, you can use more than one coupon. Just as long as it is one coupon per item you will be fine.

  2. Super surprised that a Kroger store wouldn’t spell check their own document. “Do no scan properly…” 🙂 Glad to have a copy, though! Thanks, Melea!

  3. Just wondering what their policy is when the coupon is worth more than the item. Do they lower the amount of the coupon or just scan it off the overall price at the end of the transaction?

    • depends on where you shop Elizabeth,, some stores dont’ take them,, some just give you the cash! we shop at the cash back store!

  4. I don’t see how this really helps (other than the store and manufacturer coupon on same item). It still gives store management the right to make up their own policy. so each store can still say that they are only accepting 2 like internet coupons per day. and each store can decide whether they give cash back on coupons or adjust them or not take them at all. I wish there was some more consistency.

  5. This policy is ridiculous. No store will end up being the same because the decision is ultimately left up to each store manager.

  6. Wait… So do they double or not? My local store has NEVER doubled my coupons but this policy seems to indicate that they will double manufacturers coupons from the Sunday newspaper. Am I reading this right??

    • No, other Kroger stores double. Smiths stores do not.

  7. Do they take competitor coupons? Such as albert sons

  8. Are the coupons that they send quarterly in the rewards envelopes considered to be Store coupons or Manufacturer coupons? I know it says Manufacturer coupon on the top, but it also says “Smith’s” on there- so I’d think you can only use them at their store. (Basically if they aren’t a store coupon then you couldn’t use it with a coupon from the paper, as well). Just wondering.


    • Unfortunately, they are manufacturer coupons. Although, I agree! They should be considered store!


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