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Learning How to Do Transacation Scenarios! My Trip at Walgreens Today

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Last night I thought I would get out the ads and see if there were any great deals I should be running to the store for Monday morning, and the Walgreens ad caught my eye.  Since we are planning a family trip to Lake Powell in a few weeks, I realized I needed a bunch of things to help us get ready: Sunscreen, Swim Diapers and more. So I decided to put together a quick little scenario of 3 different transactions to grab everything I need.  And, I though it might help you guys all figure out how to put together your own Transaction Scenarios.

Step #1: First, find the items that you would like to purchase.  If some of them are RR deals, make sure that you separate them into different transactions.  If you put the same RR deal together in the same purchase, only one RR will print out- not the 2 you SHOULD be getting.

Step #2: Then, take the RRs from your first transaction and use them to pay for your second transaction. (**Remember, if you got an RR for a specific item, you cannot pay for that same item with the RR. So, if you purchased the Multi-Purpose Solution for $7.99 and got a $7.99 RR, you can’t turn around and purchase another Multi-Purpose Solution and pay for it with the $7.99 RR you just received)

Step #3: And last, make sure you have enough items to cover coupons and RRs.  You CANNOT have more coupons and RRs than the items you are purchasing.

So, after figuring all of that out, arrange your items into a few transactions that will help you get everything you are wanting.  Here is what I did:

Transaction #1:

Purchase the Gillette Pro Glide Razor for $9.89
Purchase 3 Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Suscreens for $7.99 Each
Purchase 1 Wet Ones Wipes for $1.99
Use the $1.00 off Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Coupons from the 05-22-11 SS
Use the $4.00 off Pro Glide Coupon from the 05-22-11 SS
Total cost $28.85
Then, you will get back a $10 RR for the Sunscreen and WetOnes and a $5 RR for the Razor!

Transaction #2:

Purchase Complete Multi-Purpose Solution for $7.99
Purchase Scunci Elastics for $2.00
Purchase another Gillette Pro Glide Razor for $9.89
Use the $1.00 off Complete Coupon from the 05-22-11 SS
Use the $4.00 off Pro Glide Coupon from the 05-22-11 SS
Plus, use the $10 off RR from Transacation #1
You pay $4.88
Then, you will get back a $5 RR for the Razor, a $8.00 RR for the Complete and a $2 RR for the Scunci!

Transaction #3:

Purchase 2 Huggies Little Swimmers Diaper Packs for $6.99 Each
Purchase Scunci Elastics for $2.00
Purchase 2 40-50 count Advil boxes for $4.99 Each
Purchase one 6 Rolls of Basic Charmin for $2.99 (with in-ad coupon)
Purchase a filler item, since the charmin coupon puts you over your limit. ( I purchased $1.00 Sideawalk Chalk)
Use the $2.00 in-store coupon from the Walgreens Coupon Booklet (found in-store next to the ads) (Will auto-deduct $4 if you purchase 2)
Use 2 of the $2.00 off Huggies Little Swimmers Coupons from the 05-22-11 SS
Use 2 of the $1.00 off Advil Coupons from the 05-22-11 SS
Plus, use BOTH $5.00 RRs from the Razors and the $8.00 RR from the Complete
You pay $.95! (Plus the cost of your filler item)
Then, you will get back a $2.00 RR for the Scunci and a $5.00 RR for the Advil.

After the end of all 3 transactions, you will have 2 $2.00 RRs left from the Scunci, and a $5 RR from the Advil that you can use on your next week’s shopping trip!! 

I’m sure there could be some better scenarios out there, but this is the scenario that worked for the items that I needed to purchase.  So, now that you have the 3 steps to doing a Transaction Scenario, you can try out your own for the items you  need to purchase.

**By the way, in just this shopping trip alone, I saved $16.00 just using the coupons from my Sunday paper.  If you live in Utah, you can grab incredible deals on Sunday Only Newspaper Subscriptions that I have negotiated for you guys.  That $16.00 that you just saved is actually more than the cost of 1 Month of Sunday Newspapers delivered to your home.  So, you already made back your money on the month’s subscription to the paper.  See why getting the paper is so important?  You still have the rest of the month to save money and you have already made back the money that you paid for the subscription in one shopping trip!  SCORE!

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  1. Thank you for this information. I went yesterday to Walgreen’s and since I’m new to doing Walgreen’s register rewards, I tried to use 3 of them on one item, and the cashier told me I could only use 1 per item. It didn’t even occur to me at the time to pick up 2 filler items. Lesson learned! :0)

  2. Thanks so much for this info.. I am fairly new to all this and i was basically buying EVERYTHING I needed in one transaction and spending quite a bit out of pocket and then saving the rewards for next week.. but my goal from now on is to pay as little out of pocket for each transaction by splitting them up!

  3. This is awesome savings!!! Sometimes they will only allow you one free item (the Scunci elastics) per visit, not per transaction. What if you bought the scunci elastics in transaction #1… then applied THAT RR to transaction #2 as well (might need a small filler there) … would save you another 2.00 in transaction #2 this week! πŸ˜‰

  4. WOw ….But how do you know what RR…(Register Rewards) you will be getting before hand? You amaze me!!

    • They are all in the weekly ad. So you can thumb through it and see what deals to buy. You can also check out my weekly Walgreens list that posts each Monday morning.

      • how come you are receiving twoo RR’s in your first step?

  5. ….. and purchase something else in transaction 2 (because # of RRs + coupons must = # of items you purchase.) … or two fillers , of course… sorry πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you for showing us your exact transactions…it helps a ton!!! πŸ™‚

  7. I do not understand “Purchase a filler item, since the charmin coupon puts you over your limit.”

  8. the hotdogs are a great deal this month too! thanks for all the scenerios always helps me

  9. I don’t see the Pro Glide coupon in the 5/22 SS, was that a regional coupon?

  10. I just got back from the Walgreens in Sugar House and saved a ton! The cashier wasn’t too friendly or happy that I wanted to do 4 transactions, though. I guess it depends which location you go to and which cashier you get! I have always had good experiences at the one in West Jordan.

  11. I’m not finding the Gillette ProGlide coupon in the 5/22 SS either. In fact the only one that I did find that you listed was the Banana Boat/Hawaiian tropic ones. Am I missing something?

    • Maybe it wasnt the 5-22-SS. I do have it for $4.00 off because I just used it today. Ill have to look around for it.

      • Okay, I just found a Gillette one in the May P&G insert.

      • And I found the Huggies Swimmers in the 5-15 SS.

        • ok so I found the little swimmers and the gillette in those same inserts…. but I can’t find the Complete mulitpurpose solution anywhere? Or the advil?

  12. what’s the meaning of “Purchase a filler item, since the charmin coupon puts you over your limit”,please?

  13. so you are saying if i went to walgreens with my coupons from the paper and wed maili would be able to get all those deals, i don’t have to have a coupon for walgreens first

  14. So I love the checker at my Walgreens. She is amazing! They were out of most everything accept the razors and little swimmers. I got gillette razor packs(instead of just the razor) that came with after shave batterries, face scrub and shaving cream for the same exact deal as just the razor alone! I got three of these seperately… so I paid about $18 and got $15 in RR’s and put those towards my 3 packs of little swimmers and then I bought 4 gallons of milk and a bounce ball for my boy(4.99, thought it was 1.99 but owell, he loves it… my mistake)… so all in all I got 3 Gillette Fusion Razor PACKS and 3 packs of little swimmers 4 gallons of milk and a bounce ball for $26!!! (regular price would have been $85)

    If they would have had a few of the other items that would have been great too… they would all have been free… scunci’s and mouth wash… I’ll try again when shipment comes in:)

  15. purchase a filler item means the # of coupons+RR’s must =(or be less than) the amount of items in your purchase. πŸ™‚ has nothing to do with the price, just quantity:) And if you are using the coupon booklet friom wal-greens those don’t count against the total of coupons… just learned that! hope that helps

  16. wal-greens also has their adds and coupon booklets right in the store so you just need the non store add coupons…hope that makes sense

  17. “(**Remember, if you got an RR for a specific item, you cannot pay for that same item with the RR. So, if you purchased the Multi-Purpose Solution for $7.99 and got a $7.99 RR, you can’t turn around and purchase another Multi-Purpose Solution and pay for it with the $7.99 RR you just received)”
    – Melea

    I thought I had it figured out, lol! Here’s my mistake.

    I purchased $25 worth of sunscreen and shave gel to get a $10 RR and then I used that RR towards a $25 purchase of Playtex and the Quattro Razor hoping a $10 RR would print from this purchase also. My RR didn’t print on the second purchase because all the items from both purchases were part of the SAME PROMOTION. Ugh! Still learning. You can’t use a RR coupon to purchase any item in the same promotion even if they are different items and get your RR to print out.

    • Yes, very true!! I should have explained that too. It just gets so complicated. I need to just do a video for everyone. It’s too hard to explain it all by typing!

  18. ok so i know everyone keeps saying that you can not use the RR if you receive them in your first purchase to pay for your second purchase IF they are the same items. I did however and my RR kept printing for the mulitple transactions. The cashier warned me that they wouldnt print but I pressed my luck and tried it and it worked and it also printed out more of the RR.
    For instance I talked to the manager and he allowed me to do a total of 14 transactions. In my defense I made those transactions to stockpile so that i could in turn make boxes to send to the tornado victims. I made 12 boxes.
    My first transaction I bought the gillette razor, the head and shoulders, herbal essence shampoo and the right guard deodorant. It printed out the all the RR for those plus used my coupons. The next transaction was identical to the first. I used the RR then my coupons then the walgreens coupons. It printed out all the RR for those items again. I continued to do that along with other items. I ended up with a 5.00 RR left over that I used on a later purchase. But I was able to use 9 razor RR in a row. I made sure I had the right amount of coupons for the amount of items. They did tell me however that for instance I had the 5.00 off coupon for the tylenol precise they told me I couldnt use the 5.00 RR and the 5.00 coupon for the tylenol in the same transaction because the tylenol coupon said only 1 coupon per item and since the computer would read it as me using 2 it wouldnt take it. So I didnt use any of the RR to pay for the tylenol since it was automatically taking off the in store coupon for 3 and using my 5.00 Manufacture Coupon I had. And i only had to pay the tax on them. But for the single transactions on the razor I was able to stack the 5RR (because its a store coupon) and the 4 Manufacture coupon and not have a filler and it didnt beep the scanner or anything.
    I am assuming that I did everything right because they didnt have to manually override any of my coupons they all scanned and I got the managers permission to do that many transactions and it was for a good cause.

  19. free sample gillette face wash


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