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Free Nursing Cover and Free Baby Sling! Just pay shipping!

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Just got this coupon code forwarded to me from reader Chalen. And since we have all loved the Free Nursing Cover and Baby Sling offers in the past- I wanted to make sure I got them up for you.

Use code EASTER to get a $40 Nursing Cover for Free!

Then, you can head over and get a $48.00Baby Sling for Free with code EASTER.

Both will cost around $10 for shipping and handling. However, considering they normally cost $40-$50 each, that is a steal! Great to have on hand for baby showers too!

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  1. I have purchased both the sling and the cover in the past using the codes, paying only shipping- and they were sent timely and as described. I do, however, feel I should say you do get what you pay for. The quality is not up to par with the other companies producing similiar products. With the cover the pros are the price and the light material for hotter days or baby’s who don’t appreciate something over them while nursing. The cons are they wrinkle lie crazy and both of mine when put in the wash as directed came out with the plastic part at the top having ripped through the material. With the sling- it was very thin material that had no give (this is important when using a sling). Perhaps this could be remedied if a larger size is purchased, but I would stick with peanutshell (I use mine almost daily). So although it looks like you are just paying shipping and “saving” 50 dollars, the other companies producing other 50-dollar products are better quality and worth the 50 dollars. These are worth the shipping, but nothing more. Just my two cents.

  2. I was really excited to see this post! I’m due in 2 1/2 months and really really want a nursing cover, I was just planning on making my own but then I saw this post. But….kinda disappointed with their selection. They seem to be leaning toward the feminine side…..I’m having a boy.

    • i have purchased this cover and i must say i love it!!!! no problems what so ever. and i too had a boy and i purchased the black one.

  3. This is Awesome! I need a baby sling soooo bad!!! Thanks

  4. Rats! They’re all on back order for a month!

  5. I actually got a nursing cover and loved mine. I definitely don’t think they are worth $40-$50, but I would’ve paid more than the shipping cost. 🙂 They’re $20 at WalMart & I think even more at Target and the quality was way better than Walmart and Target. I originally bought one from one of the two stores and returned it.

  6. I was excited to see this. I got one of the slings so hopefully when my husband and I get pregnant it will be one less thing for me to worry about getting 😀

  7. I made the mistake of buying one of these and then immediately had buyers remorse after I read nothing but negative reviews on the company. Anyone had a positive experience with them?

    • B- Actually, I’ve had two really awesome experiences with them and I know a lot of my readers have purchased from them too over the last year. I haven’t heard of any complaints. So in my opinion, they have been a great company. 🙂

  8. I love baby slings. i nurse exclusively and it will be great to have a cover.

  9. I found the same ones a little bit cheaper on amazon if you can’t gt them on the website!


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