Target Gift Card Deals: How to Fix the Error!!!

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I had heard about a Target glitch in the system a few weeks ago.  But, I hadn’t had one Freebies2Deals reader mention it to me, so I thought it may be a fluke.  However, I have started to hear that some of you are having problems with it.  So without going into too much detail and confusing all of you, here is what is going on:

The Target system is accidentally prohibiting the use of manufacturer’s coupons along with a $5.00 Gift Card deal IF the total falls below $0.00. So, if you head over to Target just to purchase one of their Gift Card Deals and use manufacturer coupons too, more than likely your total and receipt will be incorrect when you check out. Instead of taking off the full value for your coupons, the computer automatically adjusts your coupon to not go lower than $0.00.

It’s like the computer factors in a fake $10 discount, for every $5.00 Target Gift Card you earn.  AND, that $10 discount does not come off your total, but is computed internally by the computer.  So it mistakenly thinks you have taken off an additional $10 off your order, when in reality you haven’t.

There are two ways to get around this:

1- Purchase more than just the gift card deals in a single transaction. If you are purchasing other items at Target along with your Target Gift Card Deals, there shouldn’t be a problem.  The invisible $10 Glitch won’t make much of a difference in your total and your coupons will still be taken off.

2- If you are going to purchase Target Gift Card Deals alone, just factor in an additional fake $10 discount into your total. So just make sure your total after coupons is at least $10 or more (For EACH gift card deal you are purchasing) and you should be fine.

Since we all like to “roll” one Target gift card into the next deal, I would actually recommend that you “roll” the Target gift cards into the next visit to the store instead.  That way, you won’t have to be confused by what I just said and can shop like normal.  Just keep your Target gift cards for your next trip to the store and keep rolling them over to each shopping trip.

**If any of this has confused you, just know that the Target Gift Card Deals should not be done alone, IF you have manufacturer’s coupons to use along with it.  However, Target Coupons do not affect this glitch on their own so you can use them with the Target Gift Card Deal and be fine!!

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  1. I have been having problems with the glitch for for a few weeks now and I also have had several online orders cancelled stating that the price on the items I purchased were incorrect. After much fustration they sent me a $5 gift card for my troubles. I had vow that I wouldn't spend any money at Target ever again until they sent me that gift card so I made the gift card work its magic. I did the deal buy 2 olay and get a $5 gift card. I bought the olay toners (had 6 did 3 separate transactions). Since I had the $1 manu coupon that the system wouldn't accept they closed the transaction without coupons and turned around and scanned my coupons as if they forgot to do this initially. I did this at two different stores and I am amazed that these stores are aware of the problem and had no problems doing it. So I was able to get my $50 worth of Olay for my $20 rebate and 6 TGI Friday dinners with no out of pocket expense and 2 dollars left over! (they gave cash for the missed coupons!)


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