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Shopping on Thanksgiving Day! Plus, the Wal-Mart Ad for Black Friday and Thanksgiving!

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Everyone always talks about Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.  But what about Thanksgiving Day?

Sometimes, I actually prefer shopping on Thanksgiving Day- after we are done with our family festivities. Stores like Old Navy, Wal-mart and More all have special deals you can only get on Thanksgiving- whether it is online or in-store.

If you do see that a store you like has a Thanksgiving Day Sale, chances are that the crowds will be minimal. That is probably why I like them more!  So while you are getting ready for next week, don’t forget about Thanksgiving Day.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

Wal-Mart has officially released their Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day Ad on their website.  To put together your plan of attack:

1) Go to Wal-Mart.

2) Find your local ad by entering in your zip code

3) Choose your local ad by clicking on “view your local ad”

4) At the top, click “See Other Ads”

5) Choose the Black Friday November 26th Ad

**Pay attention to the top of each page in the ad.  It will tell you if the sale starts at Midnight.  Or if the sale starts at 5:00am.  If you want to see what is on sale on Thanskgiving Online, check out pages 25 and 26 of the same ad.

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  1. But the registers won't open until 5am at walmart on black friday right?

  2. The items that are available at Midnight you can purchase then. The items that are available to purchase at 5 am, you won't even be able to grab until that time. Make sense?

  3. the registers are open 24/7 however Walmart has pallets of items and they don't rip off the shrink wrap from them till 5 am or 12 if it is a 12 sale. The big ticket items, tv/computer ect you stand in line and get a ticket for them then at 5 they give you the item. When they have no more tickets they till people so they don't have to wait in line for nothing. I really enjoy WM Black Friday shopping. I have done it for years. Meet many great women that way.

  4. Yeah it does. Thank you!!! Ps: I'm your biggest fan : )

  5. In a previous post you mentioned the Toy Story 3 DVD for 10.00, I don't see it in my ad. Am I just missing it?

  6. The deals on midnight thanksgiving night, are they available online or only in store?


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