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Do you have a Paypal Account? If not, you will want one!

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Paypal is a great way to pay of items online, all while keeping your credit card information private. You can even send money instantly to friends and family or anyone else you want!

Paypal will be offering special discounts to consumers this Holiday Season, if you pay using Paypal instead of your credit card at checkout!  If you haven’t noticed many merchants have the option of Credit Card or Paypal when you are checking out online.  So, you could get an added bonus, just by choosing Paypal instead.  (And the best part is that the Paypal money comes out of your same checking account you would have used anyway!)

**So be on the lookout for discounts like that.  I will also let you know if I see any. And while we are waiting for the discounts to start, make sure your Free Paypal account is set up and ready to go.  You can link as many checking accounts or credit cards as you want to it.

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  1. I have a question. Every couple of months Winco puts out an ad for a few items really cheap, but when you use it, they take your ad. A few of my neighbors take their Winco ad to Walmart and use it multiple times since they don't take their coupons, is this ok? I'm hesitant to do it, it doesn't feel totally right to me….

  2. Just remember that paypal is convenient and can get your some great deals but it needs to be used with caution, just like any other time you submit personal information online. Be careful when using paypal, don't give them your checking account or debit card info if you can help it. It's extremely difficult to get fraudulent charges resolved (especially if they go through paypal). If your paypal account gets hacked it could take a long time (if ever) to get money refunded back into your checking account. Credit cards usually have better fraud protection and are a lot less of a headache if someone tries to use your card. My suggestion is if you're going to use your checking account info with paypal, (even if it sounds like a bit of a pain) enter your checking info before each purchase and delete it immediately after. It can't be used it it's not there to be accessed. But if you're able, use a credit card for your paypal account, then pay that amount off your credit card before the finance charges kick in.


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