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Cuddlee Pet Pillows as low as $7.99!

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Orange Onions has the knock off versions of Pillow Pets available on their site.  I know how big of an item these are for Christmas, so I thought I would let you know that with code CUDDLEE you can get an extra $1.00 off each Cuddlee Pet Pillow you purchase.  Total cost ends up being $7.99-8.99! 

(Make sure you check the dimensions before you buy so you know the size you are receiving is the same as the size you want.)

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  1. Do you think there will be better deal on Black Friday?

  2. I bought these when they were $10 each. This brand is a Cudlee pet, NOT a Pillow Pet. It's basically a no-name brand. They are not 1/2 as full as the name brand Pillow Pets. I think my kids will like them anyways, but if you want quality, I'd wait for Black Friday deals on the actual Pillow

  3. One more thing…..if you take these Cudlee Pets and attach them to they are in their animal form, they MIGHT be a full as the pillow form of the Pillow Pets.

  4. Re: Black Friday. Kohl's ad has been leaked, but the price on the pets are still $19. I do know that Ream's Grocery store in Utah has a "knock off" version–as well as a Zhu Zhu pet knock off–don't know quality, etc., just saw it in their ads.

  5. Costco in Lehi and West Valley, UT have an alternative to pillow pets. They are at least twice as big, if not 3 times as big as original pillow pets and they're only $17.49! And, they're really full!

  6. Costco has a knock off that is MUCH bigger than the pillow pet and they are super soft and adorable, for around $20! Also if you are a RiteAid shopper they are 19.99 if you buy a tiny filler item and use your $4 off $20 and your $1 off $1 video values coupons it makes it $15 plus tax. Check for a super cheap filler item in the Halloween clearance. I bought a popcorn ball for 12 cents.


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