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100 Holiday Christmas Postcards FREE! Only $6.50 for Shipping!

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Finally!  I’ve been waiting for a deal on Holiday Christmas Cards this is a really good one.  And it is here!

I know I just posted about a Vistaprint 20 Holiday Card offer for Free.  But now Vistaprint is now offering 100 Holiday Post Cards for FREE! Shipping is only $6.50!  You definitely use this instead of an actual card that you would have to stuff and put inside of envelopes.  All it would need is a stamp when it arrives.  It is definitely a cheaper way to go too.

  • Head to Vistaprint and click on the Free Holiday Postcards Deal.
  • Choose the Holiday/Seasonal option
  • Upload your content and finish out your order.

Total cost should be $6.50  I would recommend the slowest shipping option.  It never takes 14-21 days.

(Thanks MoneySavingMom)

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  1. Also postage is cheaper when you use a postcard stamp!! Almost half I think! We do this every year! Mine are done and will be here next week!!

  2. I just looked and I don't believe any of those postcards can have a picture on them. The heading of this post shows a picture, but that isn't accurate. Just an FYI so people don't get confused!

  3. Chelsea- I just did this deal myself and the picture above is exactly what I did. You can upload any pics that you want onto the postcards they have available. So the picture I have shown for this deal is accurate.

  4. I was also looking at it and you can change the text and move it around or delete it. It is easy to add your own picture and size it and put it where you want. I think I will do some for our christmas cards this year!

  5. You have such a beautiful family Melea! P.S. That's where I had my wedding reception 🙂

  6. Well crap! I would have done this instead of the cards! LoL The cards did turn out cute though!

  7. You can add a picture but it charged me 2.50 or something for adding the photo. So my total came to 9.01…still not bad. Thanks for the tip!

  8. I made some that I liked adn yes it is a great deal, but it did not give me the option to get the cute holiday design that Melea used. Maybe they are taking off or rotating designs? I looked through all the holiday postcards too.

  9. I hope it lasts until I get my family pics cd in the mail:)

  10. I just ordered mine! Used the same design as Melea, but yeah it did charge me to upload my picture. Still a good deal (and cheaper to mail)!

  11. Awesome! I made my own cards on last night, and was just wondering where to print them. I just chose the upload your own design option, and got an awesome, personalized card with shipping for nine dollars! Wahoo! Thanks for posting such an awesome deal, and right at the perfect time for me! 🙂

  12. I've never used this company before but they are trying to charge me $4.99 for a picture upload! Did this happen to anyone else or is there a way to get around this?

  13. I just completed my order as well! Initially there was a charge for $4.99 for the picture download; however, these are 50% off right now, and so that charge dropped to $2.49. My total was $9.01 for 100 of them. I was able to add text and change fonts without any difficulties. Thanks so much for finding and posting all of these great deals! This is my "first" Christmas since I started couponing, and I am suprised at how much I paid last year for everything during this holiday season! I totally love my addiction to couponing and your site!

  14. Thanks for Christmas card tip. Just did mine today and was very pleased with the process and price, $9.01!


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