$1.00 off, wyb a Gallon of Milk and another package of cookies!

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Update:  I know it isn’t the first Monday of the month.  But surprise!!

It’s back!  The first Monday of each month, Nabisco offers a Free Nabisco Cookies Coupon.  You just have to purchase a package of cookies and a Gallon of Milk.

You will need to print this coupon today, November 30th.  You have until Midnight (EST).  However, the coupon doesn’t expire for a few weeks.

I had a few of you comment last month about how stores were telling you this coupon was a fake.  Please stand up for your coupons.  You can tell them to go to the Nabisco Facebook Page and that they offer these coupons each month.

(Thanks Addicted to Savings)

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  1. I'm confused, do I buy two packages of cookies and a gallon of milk – and get one of the cookies free. Or do I buy 1 packages of cookies and some milk and get the cookies free?

  2. How do I print this coupon?

  3. Never mind I figured it out!

  4. Hi, I tried to use a coupon just like this one a month ago at Wal-Mart, and the cashier took it away from me, and told me they don't take those, because there's a scam going around. She said ANY coupon that is buy something, get something free, they won't take. What do you do when that happens?

  5. I would ask to speak to a manager and show them the Nabisco facebook page where it shows they are giving the coupons out each month. Also, if that is still a problem, call up corporate. Buy 1, get 1 free coupons are all over the place. So your cashier was obviously incompetend. Don't be afraid to stand up for your coupons and ask politely to speak to a manager.

  6. Anonymous – you buy a gallon of milk and one package of cookies, and get a second package of cookies for free.I have never had any trouble using this coupon at Target.

  7. Just tried doing it tonight and Walmart will not accept ANY "free" type internet coupons. They were having too big of a problem with scams, so their new policy is not to accept them, even if they are legit.

  8. Stephanie- Wal-Mart's Coupon Policy has not changed that I know of. So you will want to take a copy of it with you… and maybe contact corporate through email to see if they really have. Some stores do what they want when they arent supposed to.

  9. I just tried to use this at the Layton Walmart. The cashier said he'd have to check with a manager. He came back and said it was a fake. I said it's not a fake, it's from Facebook, and they only give out a certain number each month. He tried to tell me it's missing a code or something and that they've received a lot of these, that it's a scam. He folded the coupon and I snatched it out of his hands and said, "It's not a fake." If they won't take it, I'll just use it somewhere else. I wish people wouldn't abuse the system so that it ruins it for the honest people. Also, I wish they would educate themselves so they know what's legitimate.

  10. Melea, it looks like the coupon is just $1 off. 🙁

  11. Again, it only says $1 off.

  12. "The Tall Ones", I have never had a problem using buy 1 get 1 coupons at any walmart I've been to. Talk to management…they need to be aware!


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