Similac Recall: Free Overnight Shipping for All!

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I got an email yesterday from Similac Corporate expressing their concern about all of the Freebies2Deals Moms out there who were a part of the recent Similac Recall.  I was pretty surprised to receive it!

If you are one of the Similac Moms who was affected, Similac is offering Free Overnight Shipping on their products for a limited time to help get the correct product into your hands quicker.  I guess a lot of the stores across the nation haven’t received new formula yet. 

I think that is a pretty cool gesture to overnight millions of orders for free! They are even urging you to email them if your store is out of stock at  So feel free to contact them.

What do you guys think about this gesture??

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  1. I have been truly amazed at how well Similac is handling this recall. I have spent alot of money on this formula and with the recall it has made it tough, but this is a really neat offer they are providing people. I also have been really impressed with how many coupons I have been getting for formula. I got a $15 off coupon which was totally awesome, I thought! They were also very prompt to get my recalled formula rebate check back to me.


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