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FREE Zone Perfect Bar!

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Update:  Did you miss this??  Zone Perfect just commented letting us know that they have 10,000 Free Bars Left!  So go grab yours now!

Head over to the Zone Perfect Facebook Page and become a fan. Then, at 1:00pm MST head back to their Facebook Page.  The first 40,000 of their fans to fill in the Free Zone Perfect form will get a Free Cookie Dough Bar!

This will go fast for sure.  So make sure you become a fan now so you won’t have to do it later and save some time.

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  1. Has anyone tried the Zone and does it work?? I am trying to lose baby weight.

  2. I do Crossfit to stay in shape (also needed to lose the baby weight!) and my trainer suggested the Zone. A big portion of Crossfitters do and I've seen such amazing before and afters from it! I myself recently started and already feel healthier and seem to have more energy. I was told you might have to tweak things a tiny bit to your own bodies needs but yeah, I would say I think it's an awesome program! I have some papers that show how much of what foods I can eat and even meal ideas and I LOVE it!

  3. Thanks for getting the word out about our Cookie Dough Nutrition Bar giveaway at We only have 10,000 free bars to go before we reach 40,000, so you and your readers can head to the Surprises Tab on our Facebook page to request your Free ZonePerfect Cookie Dough Bar Sample Now! ~Jane at ZonePerfect


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