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Disney On Ice Deals! FREE Ticket with Utah Savings Card Membership!

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For those of you who want to head to the Disney On Ice Show here in Utah in November, there are two deals that will work:

First, you can get $5.00 off each Weekday Ticket and $3.00 off each Weekend Ticket with code VALUE.  Just head over to Smith’s Tix to purchase online with that code.  I will be on the lookout for any better deals available.

Or- even better- Sign up for the Utah Savings Card for 3 Months and they will give you one Disney On Ice Ticket for FREE!  You only need one Utah Savings Card for your entire family too!

Normally, it would cost $12 to be a member.  But they are giving it to Freebies2Deals Readers for only $5.00!  Or, you can grab an entire year membership for only $10!  (Which is a WAY better deal than just the 3 month offer). 

Either way, you will get all of the freebies and discounts that come along with having a Utah Savings Card and you will get a Free Disney On Ice Ticket! 

Just head over to the Utah Savings Card Website and use code Freebies2deals  for the 1 year membership for $10 or use code Freebies2deals5 for the 3 month membership for $5!  (both case-sensitive)
Once you are a member, you can get $5.00 off any additional tickets that you purchase!  So one free ticket and $5.00 off the rest!  WOW!

**This is a limited time offer and can end it at any time.  So if you want your free ticket, I would do it soon.

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  1. To get the discount do you buy them through the Utah Savings Card website or do you mention it when you call? Can you get $5 off with your card and an additional $5 with the promo code you posted about?Heather

  2. Heather-You will get the $5.00 off each ticket though Utah Savings Card ( after you become a member). But, you will get one of your tickets free!You can purchase $5.00 discount tickets through Smithtix, but you wont get a Free ticket.

  3. i guess the promotion is over? if will not let me use the discount code to get the 1 year membership for $10…

  4. Monica-It should be working still. Ill contact them about it and re post here to let you know if it is working!

  5. Ok, should be working now: use code Freebies2deals for the 1 year membership for $10 or use code Freebies2deals5 for the 3 month membership for $5! (both case-sensitive)

  6. Does this deal include VIP & Rinkside seats? I know with the Smithtix offer the $5 and $3 off does not include VIP and RInkside…..

  7. Melea, how do I get the free ticket? Just call them directly?

  8. Monica- I am guessing it will come with your membership card. But you can call and ask how it will work. They have great customer service.Anon- Im not sure on that. I just know it is $5.00 off tickets. You will be able to see details once you are a member.

  9. Melea, I called and they will send the ticket voucher with my membership card. This will only be a complimentary ticket voucher that is to be redeemed at the box office. Since I will need 3 tickets total, James at Utah Savings Card suggested I call the number on their website under the Disney on Ice to purchase the tickets and let them know I had a complimentary ticket voucher so they could get the seating together. He did say it is not valid for Friday night, VIP or preferred seats. It is good for lower bowl and other seats. I have not called the number to get the other 2 tickets (he did say I would get the $5 off each one I buy) but will call to order them soon and let you know if there is anything different. I hope this helps with any questions that might arise.


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