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$4.99 for Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray/DVD, Free Princess CD and a Free Rose Charm!

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About a month ago, I posted how you could get a $10 off Beauty and the Beast Coupon by entering in the UPC codes from your older versions.  But now Disney has decided to let EVERYONE print off the $10 coupon.  And you don’t have to have the UPC Codes!

You will just need to log in to your Disney Movie Rewards account to be able to print it out.  And, if you don’t have an account, you can create one for free and then print it.  (Don’t click on the gold “Click here to get your coupon” button.  Scroll down under the picture and click on the BLUE button.)

Plus, we have TWO Rebates for Beauty and the Beast!!

Rebate #1
Purchase Beauty and the Beast or Toy Story 3 on DVD or Blu-Ray and 3 Participating Cans of Campbell’s Soups or Spaghettios and get a $5.00 Rebate!!

You can also head over to the Campbell’s site to get $1.00 off 3 Campbell ‘s Soup Coupon or a $.50 off 2 Spaghettio’s Coupon.

Rebate #2
Purchase 2 Western Bagel Products and Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray/DVD and get a $5.00 Rebate Back!

So here is a scenario idea:
Purchase 2 Spaghettios at $.50 each at Macey’s or Fresh Market BEFORE October 6th.
Use the $.50 off 2 Spaghettios Coupon
Or, use the $.40 off 2 Spaghettios coupon from the 08-29-10 SS
Total cost as low as $.25 each!

Then, on October 5th, Target will have the BATB Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack plus a FREE Princess CD for $24.99.
Use the $10 off Beauty and the Beast DVD Coupon
Purchase your two Western Bagels (Hopefully most stores carry them)
Submit for your $5.00 Campbell’s Rebate (will need to send in original receipt)
Submit for your $5.00 Western Bagels Rebate (can send in copy of receipt)
Total cost after rebates and coupons?  $4.99!!

Once you bring your movie home, take off the hard cover.  On the back of the DVD, you will see two little tabs attached to the UPC code.  DO NOT cut out the UPC code, just cut out the two little tabs.  That is all you need to send in with each of your Rebates.

Inside the DVD you will get a Disney Movie Rewards Code you can enter to get a Free Rose Charm to add to your Free Tinkerbell Charm Bracelet.  It will cost $2.85 to have it shipped.  But in my opinion, totally worth it!

(Thanks Savings and Stewardship, Give Me Neither, Couponing to Disney)

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  1. I have looked on Target to see about the princess cd but did not find it. Where are you finding that info?

  2. I went to Toys R Us today to pick up my preordered Beauty and the Beast and also preordered Toy Story 3 for $5, but saved $10 on my Beauty and the Beast movie.

  3. I did the deal where I received both the new tinkerbell and beauty and the beast dvd for $4.99. I noticed that you said when we pick up the beast dvd we get a $10 gift card for pre ordering but I don't see that advertised anywhere. In case there is a problem where can I show them that info? Thank you.

  4. Alyssa, that was what it was thought to be since that is what tinkerbell was! with tinkerbell preorder we got a 10 dollar gift card but with beauty and the beast and toy story 3 preorders you get 10 dollars off when you purchase a dvd.bluray over 19.99! so if you have a 10 off coupon and you preorder toy stpry 2 you will get beauty and the beast for about 8 bucks including the 5 you paid when you preordered!

  5. Also you get a free coupon book at Toys R' Us when you buy Beauty and the Beast (you have to ask for it) and it had a save $6 instantly, so you can end up paying hardly anything.

  6. dang forgot to ask for that… maybe I will go back…

  7. Does anyone know where to buy Western Bagels for the $5 rebate on Beauty and the Beast?

  8. Wal-Mart SuperStores are supposed to have them. But not all do. So call ahead to one of those to make sure

  9. Do I need to send in the origional receipt from purchasing beauty and the beast for the campbells rebate??


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