Similac Formula Recalled!

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I don’t normally post Recall information.  But I figured since a lot of us are moms, I should probably pass on the info.

Similar has recalled a number of their formulas due to beetles or their larvae being inside of certain cans of formula.  Disgusting right??

Head over to the Similac Recall Page to see if your formula was affected.  *The site is slow right now, due to traffic.  So hang in there!

(Thanks Stefanie!)

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  1. ahhhh!! My formula is one of the recalls!!!! My baby has been sick for the past two weeks with a cough sore throat and didn't want a formula bottle! Now it all makes sense!! Thanks for posting this or I would of never known!!! I'm sooo freaked out right now!!!!! =(

  2. Oh yuck! I'm sorry! Hope my baby when it comes will just want mommies milk. That is so gross.

  3. thanks! GROSS GROSS GROSS! Mine was recalled too. Sick and disgusting. Thanks you so much for posting this!

  4. I am so glad that we haven't had any problems with breast feeding so far and haven't had to supplement with any formula – the thought of my baby having bugs in her food is absolutely revolting!!!!!!!

  5. Rather than having commercial milk for your babies there is a safest way to feed them- breastfeeding. Just try to think losing weight is just one of the those benefits of breastfeeding, insteresting isn't it? I do hope that similac management will do their best for the wellness of our babies.Do follow sell wow account


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