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Lehi UPS Store Party and Holiday Clearance!

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I get so excited when I run into a deal that isn’t advertised.  Do you guys too?

I went into the UPS store in Lehi, Utah to mail off a bunch of the giveaway prizes to recent winners.  When I walked in, they had two tables of party and christmas party decorations and gift packaging all 50%-75% off!

They had the cutest celophane bags with Christmas decorations on them for only $.05!  So I grabbed a few to put my neighborhood Christmas gifts in. I don’t have any idea what I am doing for that yet.  But I figure for $.05 a bag, I’ll figure out something cute to put inside! 

They also had Christmas decorated gift bags with handles for only $.20!  The cheapest you ever see those are for $1.00.  So I was definitely excited to grab a few of those! 

If you live in the area, you can head over to the UPS Location in Lehi to check out what they have.  (770 EAST MAIN ST-LEHI, UT 84043)

Have any of you ran into a really great deal by mistake recently?  If so, share it with us! 

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  1. There is a big going out of business SHADES clothing sale up on USU campus today! great deals!! shirts from 3.00 up to 8.00!! Awesome deals, everything from cami's to dresses to swimwear!


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