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A Look at My Favorite Restaurant and a Deal for you!

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When City Deals came out with Tepanyaki Gift Certificates I just knew that I would have to go do a video for all of you who haven’t been there!  This is not just an adult place.  Over half of the people there on Friday night were kids.  And, because you get SO much food- your kids can usually share. 

The video below just gives you an idea of the type of fun and entertainment you can have.  But to have the most fun, get 8-12 people in your group.  Then you will have the whole table to yourself and it gets really entertaining!  Plus, everyone at the table can use up to 4 Gift Certificates each.  So all of your friends can purchase the discounted Tepanyaki Gift Certificates and save too!

( If you are unable to watch the video above, head over to watch it directly!)

Use code 15thru20 to get an extra 15% off the Tepanyaki Deal.  Plus, use code sstucki to get free shipping!  This promo ends Monday, September 20th at Midnight.  You will be able to get a $35 Tepanyaki Gift Certificate for only $20.95!  And I’m betting that many of you will name this your favorite restaurant too!  My advice, get the Filet Mignon in one of the combo meals.  It is the best!

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  1. I would like to know the prices are such that just 2 people would use the $35 gift card in one visit? I am guessing they probably are, but not sure. I want to get this for my anniversary.

  2. Melissa-You can definitely feed two people for $35. But for the full experience, the meal is about $19-$20 per person. That includes 3 courses of food! And you will have a lot to take home to eat for lunch the next day. You can use two gift certificates at the same time though!

  3. I'm trying to order on of these, but it will only let me use one coupon code. Is there a way to use both?

  4. That's strange…maybe they wont let you use two anymore. They used to!

  5. After I placed my order I received a pop up screen stating if I referred someone to there site I can get a $10 credit. Do you know anything about this?

  6. Yep! It is legit just refer someone through the link they give and you will get a $10 credit to use in the future.

  7. It is only for new people and for their first order.


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