72 Hour Kits

2nd, 3rd and 4th Item for your 72 Hour Kits!

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Here are a few more items that you could put into your 72 Hour Kit!  Remember to search for items with the longest expiration dates.  And, items should be rotated every 6- 12 months.  But we will go over all of that once we have everything purchased for our kits!  Not sure what the 72 Hour Kit Plan is?  Read the first post here.

2nd Item:  Johnson and Johnson First Aid To-Go Kits $.97 at Wal-Mart (Target is close to that price too)
Use the $3.00 off three Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Products Coupon from the 8-1-10 SS
Total Cost 3 for FREE!

3rd Item: Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouch $.64 at Wal-Mart
Use the $.55 off Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouch Coupon from the 9-12-10 SS
Total Cost $.14!

4th Item: Maruchan Instant Ramen $.33 each at Macey’s (Should be close to same at Wal-Mart)

You don’t have to purchase everything that I list as part of the 72 Hour Kit.  The point is to purchase things your family would eat and use.  We are looking for light items- that is why we want the Tuna pouch and not the can.

I would recommend that as we are doing this “Build a 72 Hour Kit” over the next month or so, that you keep a cardboard box or bin some place in your home. Then, anytime I post one of the items to add to your 72 Hour Kit, you can purchase it and put it in your box. Then, once we have it all purchased, we will start putting together the details and arranging our packs. Make sense? That way, we won’t need to do more work than needed!

To see the 1st item for our kits,  Go here.

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  1. I have tried to find the first aid kits at my Walmart with no luck. Did you find yours in the medical section or the trial size section?

  2. Wouldn't the tuna be 9 cents?

  3. nobody in my fam will eat tuna without miracle whip or mayo added, so next time i order a sandwich someplace i'll grab a couple extra to-go packets to add to my kit.

  4. Be careful where you store these, as well! You wouldn't want to have issues with it being bad if you stored it in hotter temp areas. 🙂

  5. First aid kits at my target are over $5 each, and no luck finding them at wal-mart.

  6. I've found them at the Springville Walmart in the travel section over by the pharmacy.

  7. Has anyone had a problem using the Johnson and Johnson coupons? I'm nervous to use them cuz it says "buy 1 band-aid brand bandage products and/or 1 neosporin original ointment and/or 1 purell instant hand sanitizer product and/or 1 cortaid product and /pr johnson & johnson red cross brand product" Does that mean you can only buy one of each?

  8. I bought 6 of the pack and go first aid kits at the Springville Walmart yesterday and had no problem at all using the coupons.


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