The Official and FINAL Word from Smith's on eCoupons

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I know a LOT of us have had questions about Smith’s eCoupon policy since I posted they were no longer allowing us to stack them.  I have been working with corporate to get an “Official Word and Policy” on the eCoupon situation at Smith’s.

Here is their Official eCoupon Policy:

“Smith’s and other Kroger divisions will take both a store coupon and vendor coupon for the same item. All electronic coupons offered from Kroger (on our brands) are regarded as store coupons. Electronic coupons offered by manufacturers through our web site are considered to be manufacturer coupons. A store coupon may be used in addition to a manufacturer coupon on a single item. The electronic coupon will be used first in any transaction.”

This is my personal take on the information and policy they have set: 

I’m sure there will still be instances when both an eCoupon and a manufacturer’s coupon will accidentally come off for one item.  However, it is the same thing as trying to use two Manufacturer’s coupons on one item.  I do not feel it is an honest practice to try to get away with using more than one manufacturer’s coupon on each item because it basically steals money from the store.  They won’t get reimbursed for more than one and will lose the money on the second coupon.  So I will not be promoting that type of couponing on the Freebies2Deals site.

In the policy above, it states that “an electronic coupon will be used first in any transaction.”  This could mean that if the eCoupon comes off when you scan your card that the cashier will not take your manufacturer’s coupon.  So, obviously we want the highest value coupon to come off first. 

You can remove any eCoupon you loaded to your Smith’s card by signing into your account and removing it.  It is a simple process. 

I’m sure we will still be able to score some great deals at Smith’s.  Hopefully they will continue to offer Double Coupon Events on a regular basis!

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  1. Melea, Thank you for your hard work in getting this information for us!

  2. So does that mean that only the digital coupon for Kroger brand items are store coupons? And everything else is a manufacturer's coupon?

  3. I have wondered something about the e coupons, if you purchase multiple items of the same thing do you get the discount on all of them or only one?

  4. Anna-Yeah, that is what they are telling me. Anonymous-If you have one eCoupon loaded, it will only work on one item. If you purchase multiples of the same item, only one will get the eCoupon discount.

  5. So you can still stack a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon? Ex. When I went and bought the cereal deal yesterday a catalina printed out for $2.00 off of 5 general mills cereals. I didn't use the .55 off trix coupon you referenced. So I could get 5 trix and use the .55 off coupon and the 2.00 off as well?

  6. Brown- Yes you can still stack a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon (if you can find one a store coupon that is for a brand).The $2.00 off 5 General Mills coupon that printed out says "Manufacturer's coupon" on the top. So, it isn't a store coupon. So you couldn't use that manufacturer's coupon and your $.55 off coupon too.Basically, Smith's store coupons are usually for SMith's brands- which we wont find a manufacturer's coupon for. So, there wont be much stacking happening.

  7. Keeping the ecoupons on your card works for those that can only print 2 of a specific coupon or do not have multiple newspaper suscriptions especially when wanting to purchase more than one of the same item. You can still purchase 3 items of the same, use the ecoupon and the 2 printables that are all manufacturer.

  8. Do you know how it works if you have loaded the ecoupon from Smith's site and also another site, such as Does that mean you have two coupons loaded, or does it only count as one if it is the same?


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