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Tell Wal-Mart your Thoughts on their Coupon Policy!

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Update:  This may not be a legitimate survey from Wal-Mart since it was created through Survey Monkey.  But is is worth a shot right?

Wow!  How cool is this?  Wal-Mart is conducting a survey asking their consumers how they are doing with accepting coupons.  This means that we will all finally get the chance to let Wal-Mart know how we feel!

If you have ever had a cashier make you feel guilty for using a coupon, or not understand the coupon policy, this is the survey to take.  And the best part is that it only took me about 30 seconds to complete!

I urge every single one of you to do this!  If you don’t share your experiences and opinions, they can’t change it!

(Thanks for the heads up hip2save)

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  1. Done! and very painless..

  2. I filled out the survey – but didn't feel like it was legit. Why would Walmart "The Man" use a free survey site like Survey Monkey? THis really had the feel of a class project – even the last page just had a generic logo with no contact info…hmmmm.I hope it was on the up and up – it'd sure be nice if WallyWorld came along in the Qpn game like Publix!!! Woohoo – now THAT's savings!!!!Keep us posted if you hear anything :o)Saving In Spartanburg

  3. I let them know that I will never shop at the Union Park Walmart in Midvale, UT, because I tried to use 4 Reach Floss coupons, and the cashier (AND manager) noticed that the UPC and SKU numbers were identical on each coupon and said they were fraud. Well… DUH! It's the same coupon for the same product! I didn't even want to argue with them, I just left. So anyone who shops at that location, be careful about using multiple coupons. However, I sort of agree with Anje… as soon as I noticed it was SurveyPig or whatever, I didn't think it was real. That kind of survey would have been conducted through still remember to beware of Fort Union Walmart.


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