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Pinecone Research: Get Paid $3.00 Per Survey!

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They have received all of their panelists.  Offer is dead.

It’s BACK!  Pinecone Research is looking for Women Panelists.  So this is perfect for us! They only open new registrations a few times a year.  So if you didn’t register in time when I posted it before, now is your chance to get paid to do quick surveys during the week.  Everyone who is a member has had only awesome things to say about it!

Pinecone Research looks for people with certain demographics to be a part of their exclusive market research study panel.  They don’t open for new applicants very often…only a few times per year.

If you are accepted, you will get $3.00 to your Paypal account for each Market Research Study you do.  Which can really add up! 

If you are looking to make a little cash while staying at home, it looks like this is perfect!!  Just fill out the information to get your application in.  And, let me know if you get accepted. 

**They only have a limited number of openings. So, apply soon if you want to get paid.

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  1. I do these surveys and I love it!!! They send me free products to try 🙂 and I get paid for it

  2. I, also, am a Pinecone Research Survey Taker. The surveys take 15-20min to complete. They usually show you a new product & explain all about it. They ask you to try a few of the products, which I do so gladly. Oh, and you can have the $3.00 added to your paypal or sent to you as a check. 🙂

  3. I also do pinecone research, they are great! haven't had a problem or felt slighted at all.

  4. I have been doing pinecone research for a few months now and it is awesome! I get a $3 check sent to my home about every other day so it does add up nicely.

  5. I was accepted last time you notified us of them accepting panelist and have only done one survey but was amazed when the check came in the mail in just a few days. Look forward to doing more. Thanks for doing all your work in our behalf.


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