Last Day of the Month- Print your Coupons before they are gone!

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I cannot believe it is August 31st.  Where in the world did the Summer go?  But it is that time again to print your coupons out.  At the end of the month, many of the coupons will either reset or they will disappear for good. 

So head over to, and and print any coupons that you think you might use in the next two weeks or so.  That way you will have them on hand and not kick yourself for not having them when a sale comes along.

**My Tip:  Print out your coupons and don’t cut them yet.  You can put them in a stack inside your binder or someplace else you won’t lose them.  Then, if you need them you have them to save money.  If you don’t end up using them, turn the paper over and print on the other side.  Just try to make sure that the new coupon doesn’t have the old coupon on the back after you cut it.  Sometimes stores won’t take it that way.

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  1. On, when do the coupons expire?

  2. Each is different. So it just depends.

  3. so, the printable coupons…are they the exact same ones that are in the paper every month? are they only a portion of the ones in the paper? are they totally different from them? why do i get the newspaper coupons if i can print these? i am such a newbie. sorry.


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