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Extra 15% off all In-store Purchases at Walgreens!

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Walgreens is having their Friends and Family Event today through August 4th.  That means we have two more days to get an extra 15% off our entire in-store purchase at Walgreens!  Just take the coupon in with you.  It can be used on top of all your other coupons too! Check out the Walgreens Best Deals matchup for ideas.

**Make sure to have more items than total coupons so the register doesn’t beep. 

If you happen to see a Walgreens store brand item that is a great deal, you can use the same coupon to get 20% off!  Awesome!

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  1. If I went to do the pampers deal of spend $25 get a $5 RR, does it have to be $25 after applying the 15% discount or can it be before. Also, I couldn't find that promotion in the ad this week- do we know that it works in Utah? and is it just the diapers or do the wipes apply as well? Thanks

  2. Krista- It is $25 before coupons. Treat it just like you do any other Walgreens transaction. The pampers deal is on page 13 of the ad. So, everything I listed should work in utah!

  3. just got this email and it said if I took a survey I would get a free coupon for a free box of Fat Boys Ice Cream. Awesome. Just wanted to share. Thank you for your great site. Has anyone had any problems with Pampers? I want to buy some at Walgreens but my husband said he heard some of cause chemical burns.

  4. FYI if you use the 15% off coupon for pampers it takes the price down to $7.64. Since the coupon has to be entered FIRST it wont take your total above $25 for the Pampers RR deal so I had to buy 4 in order for it to work. Its applied differently than other coupons and is put in before you ring up your items.

  5. If pampers caused chemical burns there would be an imediate recall, nothing like that goes without notice and newscasts. Papers are great!!

  6. Has anyone had problems using the Clear Vision multipurpose saline solution coupon? I tried it at Walgreens and it wouldn't scan and they wouldn't manually enter it. It came right from Clear Vision's website, too.


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