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Big Discounts at Robert's Crafts this week!

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From August 16th- August 21st, you will want to head over to a Robert’s Arts and Crafts Store between 9am and 10am!  EVERYTHING will be 50% off!  Yup, you heard me right!  EVERYTHING.  There are NO exclusions. 

If you have been wanting Cricut products, this is the time to grab it.  Very cool!

(Thanks Dixie Coupon Chicks!)

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  1. I hope this doesn't mean they are closing soon. I come to utah to visit family and the first palce we stop is roberts!! I will be so sad!! At least I'll be in utah next week for the sale…this could be dangerous!!

  2. Serious?!?! oh man… I wish I had extra $$

  3. I was there yesterday and they have a lot of decor items for 75% off. I think it is their summer and americana style decor. Some super cute stuff!

  4. I was at mine this monday and they gave me an add for next week. It says about the 50% going on between 9-10am but it say off your "regular purchase" so i would think that it is not off stuff already on sale? does anyone know for sure?

  5. Is it each morning from 9-10:00?

  6. Ok this is the offical instructions from the roberts cutsomer service manager at my roberts. You must be in line or alredy payed by 10:00 you will be given somthing when you enter the store that says you enterd during the right time. the 50% will be off the regular price not the sale price but yes if the sale price is less than 50 you can get that inseted of the "sale" price. There will be no over night holds this week as everything will be on sale each morning. No rain checks no recipt adjustments ect… so put on your running shoes and your happy faces and enjoy this rare sale.


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