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Back to Basics: I’m New to Couponing. HELP!

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I realize that for those of you who have never couponed before, this site could be a little overwhelming. Especially with me posting dozens of different deals each day!

1- Start with easier stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Kroger Affiliated stores (Smith’s). These stores are all coupon friendly and don’t have any strange rules for couponing. Once you get the hang of using coupons at those stores, then I would try Walgreens, CVSand Rite Aid. They get a little more complicated, but you can get some awesome deals using their Register Rewards, ECB’s and Single Check Rebates.

2- When you first start couponing, you want to save as much money as possible. Believe me, I was once there too! But, just take everything one step at a time. It usually takes 2- 3 months for new couponers to feel completely comfortable learning all of the coupon rules and tricks. So if you can steady yourself until then and just do your best, you will be on the road to saving some serious money! I will always try to make the deals I post as easy as possible to follow. So, just stay with me and we will get couponing working for you!

3- Stock up on items that are extremely cheap or free. Buy purchasing a few of the same items ahead of time, you won’t have to run out to the store and pay full price when you run out!

For example, last Winter I stocked up on medicine for our family- beacuse after coupons I could get DayQuil, Tylenol, Children’s Tylenol, Motrin and ton of other medicines for under $1.00! Now that is a crazy price! So I bought a few of each so it would last me for the rest of the year. By checking the expiration dates on the medicine, I knew how long I could keep it in our food storage. So, when our family got sick- we didn’t have to drag our sick bodies to the store to purchase medicine that cost $7.00 a bottle! See how stocking up can really save you money??

4- Get a discounted Newspaper Subscription. People always ask me if this is necessary. Yes, you can get printable coupons online. But you will get different coupons and so many more of them in the Sunday Coupon Inserts! You can get a Sunday Only Subscription to the newspaper. I’ve been working with Utah Papers to get you all a great discount. You WILL save more on your first grocery trip of the month- thenhow much you paid for your monthly newspaper subscription. Once everyone realizes how much they can save, they almost always upgrade their subscription to get multiple copies of the Sunday paper. That means, you can do what I talked about in #3 and stock up!

**Until the end of August, you can still grab the Crazy Newspaper Deal for Utah Residents. It ends up being only $.75 a paper! Normally, it breaks down to $1.33 a paper. So, this isn’t a deal you will want to miss!

If you don’t live in Utah, call up your local paper and ask them for a Sunday Only or a Weekend Only Subscription!

5- Ask for help! If you are new, I would first check out the Couponing 101 Section and the Back to Basics Section. They are both a work in progress, but should hopefully answer any questions you have about getting started.

You will also want to watch the video I did on How to Organize Your Coupons! That will help you find the way to organize that works for YOU. If you still don’t have your questions answered in any of those 3 sections, then leave a comment on the site. People who have been couponing for awhile are more than willing to help answer questions. You can also do the same on the Freebies2Deals Facebook Page.

Good Luck Guys! And remember, we are all on the couponing journey together. So use each other for good ideas and support!

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  1. Hi Melea, I found your website from and article my mom sent me about you. I became interested in couponing after seeing TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show. I’m having trouble getting started and really understanding coupons. The most I’ve been able to save so far is $7. I wanted to access your couponing 101 area through the link in your Getting Started section but it isn’t redirecting me. Can you help me?

    • Hi Holly! Ill try to figure out what the problem is. Until then, head over to my side bar and look for categories. There is a drop down menu there. Just look for Couponing 101 and click on it.

  2. My question is this. I know where to find the printable coupons (, redplum, smartsource….and any other ones you can suggest) but are they updated on a certain day? Or do you have to just check back and look at the coupons everyday?


  3. I’m clicking on the red link to get the utah newspaper for .75 cents a paper…and its not sending me there. I would love to get that!


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