Target Coupon Mailers Experiment!

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There is something called a Target Mailer.  Target sends out these little coupon books to select addresses all over the country. Why are they so valuable?  Because they are Target Coupons- which means you can stack them with a regular manufacturer’s coupon for double the savings!  So they are definitely a high value item.  And it is something that every single one of us will want to get in our mail box.

Unfortunately, we don’t know of any method to the Target Mailer Madness!  I do know that I ALWAYS receive the Target Mailers that have to do with Baby products.  I believe that is because I signed up for the Target Baby Registry when I had my little girl.

I went over to my mother’s house last week and saw that she received a HUGE Target Mailer for College Essentials. It even had a $5.00 off $75 Target Coupon attached to the front. I asked her what she had ever signed up for through Target to get the mailers.  And, she said the only way Target could have her information is through the Target Photo Center.  She had some pictures taken my brother a few months ago.

Ok, so then it got me thinking.  Let’s do a little experiment and create our own accounts through Target Photo.  The next time I am at Target, I am going to go to their Photo center and create an account with them.  I may need to purchase a $.10 photo.  But I figure it may be worth it!! If this little experiment works and we start getting more Target Mailers, then we know that we need to sign up for their other services too!  I know it is a long shot.  But as you can see from the picture below, we are missing out on a LOT of Target Coupons!!

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  1. I get the Target Mailer for College Essentials. But to my knowledge we have never used the photo dept. I dont remember how or why they send it to me. If I had to guess I would say I just signed up online on the target website for the mailer somehow?

  2. I worked for Target Corprate, and it is not done through any of their services, optical, photo, pharmacy, credit anything. They just pick a random number of houses in a zip code, if you use the coupons they will continue to send you the mailer. if you do not use the coupons they will stop sending it to you. I know the only way to get on the list for sure, is to buy something on line.

  3. I shop online at target, have used their photo center, registered for Babies and registered for a wedding. i get mailers, but like you I only receive one for baby items, none of the rest.

  4. I am registered with Target photo and have made purchases at Target.com but did not get the mailer. Bummer!

  5. I receive baby coupons, grocery coupon, and catalogs with coupons. I have never signed up for anything. I figure since I have been shopping at Target religiously for the last 11+ years they know I am going to shop there and use their coupons.

  6. I'm registered with Target photo, and have made purchases online, but have never even heard of the target coupon mailer. Wish there were a more reliable way to get on the mailing list.

  7. i have had registeries for our wedding and now two babies and shop there weekly….i have even applied for a red card and so far have not received a single flyer, advertisement, anything….ever! 🙁 Then out of the blue I receive a baby magazine with a coupon good for a $20 gift card if I set up a baby registry! how did they know I was 2 weeks prego????? Of course I set up a baby registry and ran off and got me some prego clothes on clearance with my card….but am nonplussed at how to go about getting a baby mailer or any other for that matter!

    • or maybe create a TARGET LISTand keep it updated with record of purchased items????


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