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My Smiths Trip this Morning

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So, I just got back from the Smiths Coupon Event.  Wow, that was a little crazy.  And, my Smith’s store definitely was NOT prepared! They only had two checkers working at 6am.  The lines were ridiculous!  Hopefully your store was better prepared than mine.

Just a few helpful hints if you are going to the Smiths Coupon Event:

1- If you purchase 4 participating P&G Products, you will get $4.00 off  at Checkout immediately. One of the items participating is CoverGirl.  And a few of those items are $1.69.  Use the $1.00 off CoverGirl coupon from the 07-04-10 PG to get them for only $.69!  However, MAKE SURE you read the Price tag.  There were many “sneaky” prices.  For example, the Covergirl Midnight Black Eyeliner was marked at $1.69.  But the rest of the colors weren’t.  So make sure you read those!

2- If you are going to grab the Charmin Deal, make sure you grab the right size or your eCoupon will NOT come off!  You need to purchase the $5.99 Charmin 6 MEGA Roll Pack.  MEGA is the key word here.  If you purchase the 12 pack roll, your $3.00 off eCoupon from the Smiths site won’t work.

Charmin Deal:
Purchase Mega Roll Charmin Toilet Paper for $5.99 (part of the P&G promotion)
Use the $.25 off Charmin Coupon from the 07-04-10 PG (Changes to $1.00 off)
Load the $3.00 off Smith’s eCoupon for Charmin
Total cost $1.99!

3- Please watch your coupons double and come off!! Coupons that are $.20 off are only quadrupling to $.80 off- Not $1.00.  So, you will need to watch for things to make sure that the coupons are changing correctly.  If you have multiple coupons, make sure they are all being scanned.  It is easy to miss one.

Other than that, Good Luck!  Hope you all grab some killer deals!

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  1. Melea-Do you think it is even worth for me to make a trip to Smiths? I won't be able to go until around 10:30 this morning. I am afraid everything will be gone. (by the way i would be going to the smiths marketplace in Lehi)

  2. MIchelle-I would call and ask them when they are restocking. Then, go on that day first thing after they restock.

  3. I went this morning and beat the rush, thank goodness. Had a 92% savings and scored everything i wanted. It was a great trip. OOP: 7.80

  4. I went this morning too & was at my 24 hour smiths (9400 S. Highland) at 4:30 checking out @ 6. They are fully stocked with EVERYTHING! I got everything I wanted & was thrilled with my savings especially on diapers & TP. It was worth the lost 2 hours of sleep. Thanks Freebies2deals!

  5. My trip to Smith's this morning was definitley worth it! My total savings was $149.17 or 99%!!I spent $4.92!! I went to the Smith's in Farmington and they were stocked fairly well. I arrived at 5:00am, but they would not start checking any of us until 7:00am–those there for the coupon event. This is what I got:14 Crest Tooth paste7 Bounty Basic paper towels8 Speed Stick Deodorant1 Downy Fabric Softner8 Gillette Body Wash6 Old Spice Body Wash4 Soft Soaps5 Dawn dish soap1 Mega pack Charmin TP1 Pearl Tampax1 Carefree linersAll of that for under $5.00–I thought that was amazing! I love your site! Thank you for all the time you spend keeping us aware of deals everywhere! I came to your Conference this Spring and found it very helpful! Thanks for everything! (I have a picture of what I bought and my receipt, but don't know how to post it!)Thanks!Jewel

  6. I have a few coupons that say "do not double" will these still work?

  7. They should! THey took them last time.

  8. The Blue Diamond Nuts coupon won't work on the snack size. Also, and this was annoying. There is an in-store coupon for buy 2 Hormel Pre-Cooked bacon and get $1 off ground beef. You can NOT use this along with the Hormel Bacon coupons.

  9. My store in Provo started the event at 7. I was there by 6:30 and all the good stuff was already gone! I was able to find a few things, but everything else was hogged by a few women that had taken everything. It was very disappointing when I only wanted one of each. I think that will be my last attempt at these smith's doubling events

  10. I'm right in the middle! I spent $69 and saved $42 ( but I was doing regular grocery shopping in there too) I can sympathize with AnnaMarie- I couldn't go at 6am because of my hubby's work hours and my sleeping kids 🙂 I got almost everything- Charmin and dawn were alllllll gone by the later morning hours, but I found out when they are restocking, but I might be missing out on the extra $4 off now. It can be frustrating when one person takes so many of one item, but I guess you just do your best :)My fun bonus though was that I wrote Jif and they sent me $.35 coupons that doubles so I got Jif for $.99!!! WooHoo!!!

  11. I almost wonder if stores should start doing a "limit of 3" or something similar so that more families benefit from their sales and not just a couple of people. It is frustrating when I get there all prepared and everything is gone, and I see 2 women (usually together) with their carts full.

  12. I don't know if my ecoupons are coming off. How do you know for sure if they are? Does it show somewhere on the reciept?

  13. I went to my Smiths in Draper and got the Charmin 12 Mega Rolls and it did take off the ecoupon for $3.


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