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LAST DAY!! Entertainment Books only $1.00!! CRAZY!

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Today is the last day for to get an Entertainment Book for as low as $1.00!  So, if you have been procrastinating, get it done.

I have talked about how awesome Entertainment Books are.  And, if you still don’t have one, you will definitely want one.  I actually purchased one for Utah and one for my California Trip to Disneyland.  And, if you use the book just once, you will get more than your money back!  It is the sweetest coupon book.  I know many of you absolutely love them. 

And, for this price, you may want to grab a second one.  There are some coupons inside that I wish I could have used twice!  And, they have a lot of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree Coupons for different restaurants- which are my favorite. 

This week only, Entertainment Books are only $7.99!  Plus, if you have never used Ebates before, they will give you 25% cash back (ends up being $1.99) and a $5.00 Cash Back Bonus.  So, you will end up getting a check back for $6.99 mailed to your home!  Total cost for the Entertainment Book?  $1.00!  That is totally crazy!!


  • Head over to Ebates, create an account.
  • Search for Entertainment Book in their search engine.  You will then see a list of a few different items.  Look for the one that says Entertainment Book.  Right to the right of it, there will be a orange Shop Now Button.  Click on it.
  • You will be re-directed to the Entertainment Book Website.  It should show books as $7.99.
  • Enter in your zipcode and checkout.  I believe you will be charged $1.99 for shipping.

Your Ebates account will show the $5.00 Credit and $1.99 Credit 2-3 days after you place your order.  Ebates mails out checks every quarter (or send it to your Paypal account.)  So the grand total after shipping is $2.99 for the Entertainment Book! WOO-HOO! 

***For some of you who have never used Ebates, I get checks from them all of the time.  It is definitely a legit service and one that I am quite fond of.  Besides, who doesn’t like cash back??

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  1. I have to say that I have been horribly disappointed with the Entertainment book I bought last time there was a super good deal. I have found that a lot of the coupons that I would most likely use are only good at locations in Provo or Ogden – nowhere near me in Sandy. I don't think it's worth the money!

  2. The entertainment books are actually $9.99; just passing that on.

  3. Wendy-I just checked and they are $7.99. Where are you seeing $9.99?

  4. I am seeing $9.99 too!

  5. Talk to me guys…. where are you seeing $9.99? I follow the steps in my post and see $7.99. You will actually need to go from Ebates to The Entertainment Site to see the $7.99 price.

  6. When I click on the ebates and enter "Entertainment Book" then comes up with the link. Then it shows me that the book is $9.99.

  7. Guys, I am so confused. There has to be some disconnect here. I still see $7.991-Sign up for Ebates and make sure you are signed in.2- Search for Entertainment Book in the Ebates Search bar at the top of the page.3- Click on the Entertainment Book Link.4- On the next page, click on the Orange "Shop Now" Button.5- The next page should say Entertainment Books $7.99 for the next week.

  8. I have signed up for ebates and never received a check back.

  9. I am seeing it for $9 dollars too. Where does it say 7.99?

  10. ok i figured it out, you have to click on the big blue book on the right hand side after you have signed in ebates, instead of shop now, It will take you straight to the 7.99 one.

  11. Heather, they send checks once a quarter. You need to have signed up for Ebates and made your first purchase to get your check. You will get the bonus $5.00 and whatever amount of cash back from your purchase.

  12. I'm still not seeing it for 7.99?? I tried to follow Heather's instruction, but I don't see a little blue book. Help?

  13. Hayley-I just updated the post. Follow the instructions exactly or you wont see it.

  14. Okay I didn't see the blue book or find it either….what I did was log out log back in search Entertainment Book then click the orange tab for the says 9.99 then an ad will be on the next page with the 7.99 deal…click that picture then you can get it through that!

  15. Bah. I can't get it to work. It says 9.99, and then tells me I have to buy 2 to get the deal. Maybe I'm just too late?

  16. Never mind… it gave me 2 for $12.00 (including shipping), so with my E-bates cash back, that's $5.00 or so, and I have no doubt that I'll have plenty of coupons that I'll want to use twice. And I can access the printable coupons and promo codes on the entertainment website. $20.00 off of buying Starcraft II for my husband at Gamestop MORE than covers the cost. That's awesome. Thanks!


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