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It's Back!! HURRY!~ Freebies2Deals "Reader Only" National Deal!

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Update:  They’re back!!  These sold out in only an hour or so last time.  If you weren’t able to get them before, you can now. So, grab them asap!!! The promo code plentifulfreebies expires on Monday, but I’m pretty sure they will run out again before the code expires.

If you are online now, you will get a jump on them before everyone else. You guys will love their stuff!

Yesterday, I hinted about a really cool National Deal I wanted to share with you guys.  It’s called Plentiful Pantry.

They make restaurant quality mixes for everything from Cakes and Cobblers to Soups and Pastas.  And, all you have to do is add 1 or 2 ingredients.  Most of the time, all you have to do is add water!!  I was a little skeptical, thinking that they couldn’t taste that great if that was all you did.  But I was so wrong!

Last night we had the Tortilla Soup.  My husband kept asking if I had bought more of it and that he would even be willing to make dinner if I purchased more of them!  WHAT??!~ Can I tell you how excited I was when he said that??

Besides, everyone has those days where they just don’t really want to cook and need something simple.  Or, maybe you need to take a meal to someone who is sick or just had a baby.  This is the perfect thing for that!

For Freebies2Deals readers ONLY, you can an additional 10%  off a Plentiful Pantry Gift Certificate on the City Deals site.  Normally, they are only 40% off.   So, grab a $50 Gift Certificate for only $27 to Plentiful Panty.  But, you MUST use code plentifulfreebies to get the deal.  (All one word and all lower case.)

**This deal will only last until Monday, July 26th. So grab it while you can.  And, remember this deal is National.  So anyone can purchase it!

Watch the video to see more about Plentiful Pantry.  (If you cannot see the video in your email update, watch the video here instead.)

I’ve only tried a few of their products out so far.  So, comment on the site and let me know which products your family loved!!

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  1. This is such a WONDERFUL deal, thanks for telling us all about it!! Because I'm very observant, I noticed in the video at the end that it said the Promo Code was plentifulpantry instead of plentifulfreebies, just a heads up 😉

  2. the coupon code only takes an additional $3 off of the original $30 price the final price is $27 not $25.

  3. Thanks!! Im on the phone with city deals right now to get the code fixed. Hang on just a second!

  4. Ok, I guess my math is just bad! In the video I stated it was a $50 gift Certificate for only $25. But an additional 10% off is really $27. Still an awesome deal!! So, grab it while you can everyone!

  5. I am getting this message:Coupon code " plentifulfreebies " is not valid.

  6. Nevermind… now its working

  7. Looks yummy! I am definitely going to use mine to get soups for my three sister in laws having babies in the next few months. While I was on the site I stumbled upon a great deal for the spa I am going to next week, too. Woohoo!

  8. I noticed on your site a headline ad for & went to their site. Thanks, I purchased a gift certificate for Water Moon & had lunch there today. It was fantastic located in Draper! I will becoming back to your site & for more great deals & info.

  9. Everytime I enter your code it comes up that there is nothing in my cart. I guess i'll have to buy it with out your code.

  10. I'm so excited…I hate cooking, so this will be perfect!! lol. Thanks for sharing the info. I missed out on your extra 10% off but still think it's a great deal from citydeals. Thank you! You're adorable too.

  11. Jill-The code plentifulfreebies should still give you an extra 10% off! So, it if isn't working, let me know ASAP!

  12. I have tried to get on to Citydeals webpage and it won't work. Can not connect. I got to the home page and then when I tried to check out the site went offline. Have not been able to get back on for over 45 minutes. Any phone number for them? thanks in advance, B

  13. finally got on and your code worked. thanks so much,

  14. Oh dang, I ordered thinking the extra 10% was expired. I didn't even try it. Bummer. Oh well!! Thanks anyways.


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