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IMPORTANT: FREE McDonald's Smoothie Day CANCELLED! Free Coupon Instead!

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Reader Jenean let me know of a news article where McDonald’s was CANCELLING their Free Fruit Smoothie Day on July 22nd.  They say it was because the demand was too high.  You can read more about it in the story from KSL News.

However, the funny thing is….. McDonald’s was only giving away 5 oz Smoothie Samples for their Free Smoothie Day.  But, now they have put out a coupon in yesterday’s Parade Magazine for a completely Free Full-Size Fruit Smoothie Coupon!  HUH??  Doesn’t make sense to me either.   But, I will still take it!

In either case, don’t forget to grab that out of your Parade Magazine from your Sunday paper yesterday.

Also, there is a $1.00 off McDonald’s Smoothie Coupon you can print off now too!

(Thanks Jenean & Good Deal Mama)

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  1. It actually does make sense. The reason they canceled the "day" is because if everyone showed up on the same day they would run out of supplies. By giving out the coupon, people are more likely to spread out the timing of the free drink. It will satisfy the customers AND not cause a riot at the store locations.At least that's the logic I came up with. I had read Mcdonalds was worried of a repeat of the KFC/Oprah problem a while back.

  2. Thanks for posting this. After reading about Free Smoothie Day I was quite surprised and confused when my husband pulled the coupon out yesterday!

  3. I also got one of the FREE smoothie coupons earlier in the week. With all of my newspapers, I already have received 7 FREE coupons total! I'm quite excited for these coupons!


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