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Get Discount Passes to Lagoon through Deseret Book!

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While I was driving on I-15, I actually saw a billboard for Deseret Book.  They said they had the biggest Lagoon Discounts anywhere.  Well, since I was driving, I totally forgot to post it! 

Deseret Book has almost 100 Books to choose from to get the Discounted Lagoon Passes. Normally a Day Pass would cost $42.95 plus tax. After purchasing one of the participating books, you can get a day pass for only $29.00!!  Add the book at checkout and use promo code LAGOON to get the discounted pass.

You will actually pay for Lagoon when you get to Lagoon, but you will take the discount coupons that you get from Deseret with you.  Make sense?

In yellow, next to the price, you will see how many Lagoon Discount Passes it will earn you.  Some books will get you only 1 discount pass and some will get you 5!  It just depends on the book purchase.  There are TONS of scenarios you can come up with to get your entire family in for only $29.00 a person, instead of $42.95!  So make sure you share them in the comment section so we can all do it!

To get the best overall price, you would want to purchase the cheapest item that gave you the most tickets.  But, if you are going to purchase a book, why not purchase a book that you actually wanted to read anyway?  Or, purchase an early Christmas present!! 
***Quick Tip:  If you purchase the participating books at a Deseret Book location, you can get the Lagoon Discount Pass right then and there and you WON’T have to pay for the shipping!
(Thanks Coupons4Utah for the reminder)

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  1. This can be a great deal. Be aware that the passes are NOT good everyday. I was going to use them last Saturday but they weren't good for that day.

  2. The best deal to Lagoon is to get them through somebody's Stake Lagoon day. I think the tickets are only around $25 and if you're a mom who isn't going to ride the rides, you can get in free.

  3. I buy only buy ebooks. Do they qualify? Please, please, please, say they do! And if they do, can I buy them off your Bookshelf or do I need to go to your full site? Do I still earn points on books I buy to qualify for discount tickets? Is there a max number of tickets I can earn? Whewww, I think that is all.


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