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CRAZY Salt Lake Paper Deal for New Subscribers!

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Once in a blue moon, the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News will do a promotion.  It really doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s pretty awesome!

For a very limited time, the Salt Lake Papers are offering a Friday, Saturday, Sunday Edition of the paper for an ENTIRE YEAR for only $39!  That ends up being $.75 per paper!  That’s crazy!  If you want to get additional copies of the Sunday Paper, you can add them on too!  You can get up to 4 papers total at this price!

1 Copy- $39 for One Year Subscription
2 Copies- $78 for One Year Subscription
3 Copies- $117 for One Year Subscription
4 Copies- $156 for One Year Subscription

Considering the normal price for a 6 month subscription is $32.00, you can see why an entire year for only $39 is killer! 

However, this deal is only available for New Subscribers to the Deseret News or Salt Lake Tribune.  They will not allow people who already have a subscription to add on to their existing subscription.  So, if you have been holding off on getting the Coupon Inserts, this is definitely the time to get them! 

To get this deal, you will have to pay the amount up-front.  They will not do automatic billing.  But, you can pay for the entire year up front and not worry about it!  To order, you will need to call Debbie at 801-344-2923.  She is the manager and is running this special for us!!  If you can’t get ahold of her, leave a message and she will call you back.

People ask me all of the time why they should get multiple copies of the paper, I tell them it is to help you build your stockpile!  If there is a product that you can get for free with coupons, you would only be able to grab one free item if you had one copy of the paper. If you have multiple copies, you can get multiple free items.  So you can use one for then and save the rest for later.  Then, when you run out of the product, you won’t have to go pay full price for it at the store.  You can just grab it out of your stockpile when you paid nothing for it!  This is the BEST way to really save some serious moolah!  And, you will ALWAYS save way more money on your grocery bill than the price you paid for the subscription!

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  1. hey i called and answering maching said daily herald

  2. Yes… it is ok! Debbie's office is at the Daily Herald but she is taking care of all of the Salt Lake Subscriptions for us! So, don't worry!

  3. I just talked to Debbie and she said that the Deseret News and the SL Trib don't have Red Plum inserts?? And when I asked about getting 3 Deseret News, she said I could only get 2 Deserets or 2 Tribunes. She offered me a deal on my current Daily Herald subscription though (I live in Orem) so I took that instead.But is that true about the RP inserts? It would make sense – my parents get the Deseret News and give me their coupon inserts and they only ever have Smart Source ones for me.

  4. yes, she is right! You can only get the Red Plum inserts in The Daily Herald newspaper. So good thing you went with that one!!

  5. I just got my 4 papers for one year! I've been waiting for a really great deal, and this is it! Thank you so much! I am truely sooo excited not to have to make a trip to Wal-Mart every saturday to get my papers! Thank you thank you!

  6. I am wanting to get the the newspaper I have got the daily herald before I got 5 sunday papers and I got over whelmed I am wanting to get 2 papers again should I get the daily herald or the salt lake paper or does it matter thank you Candice

  7. Candice, if you have a choice, I would go with the Daily Herald because they get the Red Plum inserts and the Salt Lake papers do not.Call the same number above and talk with Debbie to get set up!

  8. Just signed up for mine. Thanks for all of the great work you guys do!

  9. We had subscribed in the past and the Salt Lake Papers contacted US with this great deal!

  10. I just received in the mail today a flyer that says you can receive either the Tribune or Deseret News for one year and choose either the Fri-Sun print or Mon-Thur for only $19.99. Subscribe online at or call 801-204-6100 and use promo code 52/202. This is an incredible deal!!!! You can not have had a subsription within the last 6 months. I just ordered mine. It looks like you can get up to four copies. Your subsription also includes a Mon-Thurs e-edition. An amazing deal!

  11. I read that the RP is only in the Daily herald, but does the salt lake papers offer more coupons? I get the red plum in the mail so I am not sure I need the herald. Any suggestions?

  12. Julie-If you live where the Daily Herald can be delivered, I would take that any day! Getting multiple copies of the Red Plum inserts will get you a lot of awesome deals! If you don't want multiple copies of the paper, then you could get the Salt Lake deal that is going on right now though.


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