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CRAZY Deals at Smith's this Week! $.34 Cereal!

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Smith’s BEST Deals 7/7-7/13

*RP Stands for Red Plum, SS stands for Smart Source, PG stands for Proctor and Gamble. They are all coupon inserts that come in the Sunday Paper. **Don’t forget about the Limited Time Newspaper Subscription!! It’s only $.75 per paper! It is ending soon!

Purchase the Schick Hydro Razor for $6.58.
Use the $5.00 off Schick Hydro Coupon from the 6-13-10SS
PLUS, load the $4.00 eCoupon from the Smith’s Site
Total cost FREE, plus a $2.42 Money Maker!
**Smith’s won’t give you back money. So you will need to add other things to your purchase and they will be free!

Ivory Body Wash $1.00
Use the $.50 off Ivory Body Wash Coupon from the 6-6-10PG
PLUS, load the $.50 off Ivory Body Wash Coupon
Total cost FREE

M&Ms $.50
Purchase 1 Regular M&Ms and 1 Pretzel M&Ms
Use the Buy 1 Get 1 Free M&Ms Coupon from the 06-27-10 RP
Total cost $.25 each!

Frigo String Cheese $2.97
Use the $1.00 off Frigo Cheese Coupon from the 05-02-10 SS
Total cost $1.97
**Look for the rebate stickers, when you purchase 2 packages!

Tide Laundry Detergent 100-128 oz $9.99
Use the $2.00 off eCoupon from PG eSaver
PLUS, use the $1.00 off Tide Coupon from the 07-04-10 PG
Total cost $6.99!

Tide Stain Release $9.99
Use the $3.00 off Tide Stain Release Coupon
PLUS, use the $3.00 Tide Stain Release eCoupon
Total cost $3.99!

Nestle Quik Flavored Milk $1.00
Use the $1.00 off 2 Nesquick Coupon from the 5-2-10SS
Total cost $.50!

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream 48 oz $1.88
Use the $.50 off Kroger Ice Cream eCoupon
Total cost $1.38!!

Kroger Toaster Treats (like pop tarts) $1.00!

The Rest of the Deals listed are part of a SPECIAL 3-Day Sale 7/8-7/10:

There is a special General Mills Cereal Promotion!! 
Participating cereal is only $1.49 when you purchase 4: 11.25 oz. Chocolate Cheerios, 17 oz. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 10.6 oz. Total Whole Grain, 14 oz. Cheerios or 16 oz. Lucky Charms

Possible Scenario:
Purchase Lucky Charms
Purchase Cheerios
Purchase 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Use the $.55 off Lucky Charms eCoupon from Cellfire
Use the $.55 off Lucky Charms Printable Coupon
Use the $.55 Cheerios eCoupon from Shortcuts
Use the $.55 off Cheerios Printable Coupon
Use 2 of the $.60 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch Printable Coupon
Total cost $.79 each!

Possible Scenario #2
Purchase 2 Cheerios
Purchase 2 Chocolate Cheerios
Use the $.55 off Cheerios eCoupon from Shortcuts
Use the $.55  off Cheerios eCoupon from Smiths
Use the $1.00 off 2 Printable Cheerios Coupon
Use the $.75 off Chocolate Cheerios eCoupon from Smiths.
Use the $.75 off Chocolate Cheerios eCoupon from Shortcuts
Use the $1.00 off 2 Printable Cheerios Coupon
Total cost $.34 a box!!
IMPORTANT:  If you have already used the eCoupons, they may not be there when you go to load them.

American Beauty Pasta $.50
Use the $.50 off American Beauty Coupon
Total cost FREE

Kroger Apple Juice 64 oz $.99
Dozen Large Eggs $.69!

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  1. On the scenario #1 for the general mills cereal. I went to cellfire to print the coupon for Lucky Charms and it only shows coupons for Multi Grain Cherrios, Cocoa Puffs & Golden Grahams. Am I doing something wrong. (This is my first time using cellfire)

  2. It shows on my card, but I loaded it last week. So, maybe they are no longer available with everyone clipping them. You can do the scenario without it and it will still be a great deal.

  3. I signed up for the PG e-saver, but it says that there are no coupons available for my zip code. Is there another zip code I should use?

  4. I tried to use both Shortcuts and Smith's loadable coupons at the double coupon event a couple of weeks ago. When I checked my receipt, only the shortcuts coupons had come off. I emailed the Kroger electronic coupon people about the issue, and just got a response today that made it sound like you can't use the same coupon from both the Smith's site and another site (Cellfire, Shortcuts). Have you ever had this problem before? If this is the case, Scenario #2 will not work because only one .55/Cheerios loadable will work.

  5. Diane-People had a similar problem last week. It took a few hours for the coupons to show up. So they should!Fiona-You can use one eCoupon per item. So if you had two boxes of cereal and loaded both coupons, they should both come off. I would email Cellfire and let them know one of their coupons didnt come off. Also, if you scan your actual card, that usually helps the coupons come off correctly. Not sure if you did that, or just gave a phone number.

  6. I was at the Smiths in Lehi, Ut this evening and had the worst experience ever. I was trying to use the ecoupon for the razor that you posted and the $5 off coupon as well. I had lots of other groceries so the money maker should not have been that big of a deal. since I had other items that I was buying. The cashier was shocked at the great deal I was getting for all my groceries and she then called her manager up and she proceeded to go on saying that I can not use an ecoupon from smiths or shortcuts ect ect… with a paper coupon from P&G ect ect.. and that I was committing fraud. She did not stop there. She went on saying that people like me make retail stores lose money on a daily basis and that they are cracking down on it and will not tolerate it. All I was buying was the things that you posted for Smiths today the razor, the ivory soap, the tide, oh and I got 12 yoplait yogurts and 1 package huggies diapers and I just had the coupons that you said to use. The store manager would not come up and talk to me after I asked to speak with him twice. He finally came up and asked like he did not know anything. FRUSTRATING. They did not have a copy of their coupon policy and I did not have one either. I did ask to see it and they refused, which later finding out neither of them knew were to find it. They asked me were I found out how to use my coupons and I told them from freebies2deals and they actually had the nerve to sit there and pull it up and then go on to say that it was fraud what you were posting…… Melea do you have a copy of smiths coupon policy? I have contacted their corporate offices and they will be getting back to me. Terrible experience. Made me so angry. I have never had this happen before and smiths is usually the only place that I shop for groceries. I just might be rethinking that after today.

  7. so are the smart source insert different? i have had a few coupons that you've listed that are not in my smart source.

  8. K- That is awful!! I really hope you not only emailed Smith's Corporate but called too! You can use an eCoupon and a manufacturer's coupon on one item. Corporate has said so and Amy from Savvy Shopper Deals works extremely close with Smiths and they are aware she tells people to use both as well. I will get a copy of the coupon policy for everyone to print out. Usually Smith's is on top of using coupons. Which Smiths did you go to?

  9. Melissa-They can be. Which ones couldnt you find?Melea

  10. K, talk about a lowsy experience! I've never had such an experience! I can't believe that they thought you got "too good of a deal"! If I remember correctly, Melea did talk to corporate about the ecoupons and mf coupons both coming off and it was okay until they change that policy. Correct me if i'm wrong though, Melea. So did the manager end up charging you extra? or making you pay? I'm just not understanding how they could accuse you of fraud because they are getting reimbursed by the manufacturer. I also can't beleive that they accused Melea's website of fraud!! Perhaps this will cause them to contact their corporate offices to gain some more knowledge about this! So sorry that you had to go through it though!

  11. Melea- I was at the Lehi location. I did remind them that they are being reimbursed for the coupons and that is when they went to town on me saying that they are only reimbursed for 1 coupon not 2. So if we use an ecoupon with a paper coupon than they are loosing money. Kristy-The outcome last night was they took the razor and adjusted down the coupon to the price of the razor and I paid the tax. But as the transaction was completed the customer service manager made another comment that she hoped I was happy taking money from them… she took my receipt and put it in the trash. I asked her if I could have the receipt and she gave me a dirty look and said "for 48 cents". Yes for 48 cents!I will be calling corporate again today to let them know about this experience. Terrible. Melea- I would appreciate it if you could get a copy of the coupon policy. I would love to have it and honestly the lady told me that if I could find one she would be happy to see it. You would think the manager would have a copy of it. right? Go coupons! We LOVE them. Lets save some money!!! Melea thanks for doing a great job and keep posting all these deals!! I am addicted! 🙂 and I think I can speak for a lot of fun ladies!

  12. So I just got back from my trip to Smith's and three of my ecoupons did not come off. I'm a little bugged. I went to pay 30 something cents for each box of cereal and came back paying a dollar or so each. Both from Smith's didn't work and one from shortcuts. Have you had this happen before. Do you know how to fix the problem? I'd love you're help!


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