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On the side of my website, you will see something new called Juice in the City. Juice in the City wants to know what cool activities in your area that you like.  If enough people like the activity, then Juice in the City will go and get a special deal at a discounted price for all of us.  Then, in the future, you can choose to purchase the deal they scored!

Plus, if you live in Utah, you should see a picture of a girl Surfing.  Click on it.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the next page, you will see that I was the one who told Juice in the City that people might like the deal.  They even wrote up a little spotlight on me.  HOW COOL!  I feel like I am famous or something! 🙂

First of all, add your email to the Juice in the City list so you can vote on deals you like the best!
For the next few weeks, if you see a deal over on the right hand side of my website.  Click the orange Like button to let them know that you would like to see what kind of deal they can come up with. You will need to do a quick sign up for an account.  But you will want to anyway!  Any friend you refer to Juice in the City that purchases in the future will get you a $10 Credit!  That’s a great way to get your own deals for FREE!

**If you don’t live in Utah, you may not see the idea I posted about.  You will see an idea that is in your state instead.  But either way, it is a great way to get deals on the activities YOU want.

Make sure you vote on deals you like, or we won’t be able to get a deal on them.  And, tell your friends too.  The more votes, the better deal we will get.  And, if you haven’t heard of Indoor Surfing, it is pretty sweet!!

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