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$17 Money Maker on Neutrogena at

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AWESOME!!! Deal Scenario (DON’T do it until 7/11!! or you won’t get the rebate!)

You have to go through this link in order to receive the credit to spend on Click the Red “Shop Now” Button. Then search for “Neutrogena Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment, Night” and add theitem to your cart for $34.99

At checkout, use coupon code FACIAL20.  It will take off an additional 20% from your total.  Plus, you get free shipping when you spend $25.  Total cost is only $27.99 shipped!!

Then submit for the Neutrogena Clinical Rebate (you should get back the sale price of $34.99)! Plus, you’ll have a $10 credit to spend anytime in the future at!!

With the credit, it ends up being a $17 moneymaker!

(Rite Aid and Walmart have similar deals as well- you just wont get the $10 credit to use in the future.)

(Thanks Hip2Save!)

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  1. I just tried it and it said that the rebate is for $15, not the full sale price? With the $15 rebate and the $10 back, the cost for it would be around $2 – so no money maker. Unless I am doing it wrong? (which I hope it is the case!)

  2. That's what it's telling me too but if it's only $2, that's still a great deal for it, right??

  3. You have to go through the link that Melea set up don't do the Walgreen rebate. The Walgreen on is only $15 but if you send in for the rebate throught the link you can get up to $40 (but since we are only spending the $34.99 that's all we'll get back)

  4. what I'm not sure about is how do I get the $10? I bought it and everything worked but I'm not sure when I get the store credit?

  5. For the $10 credit, I received an e-mail with instructions and a "use my credit now" link embedded.

  6. Looks like you guys answered all of the questions. But to clarify- use the Rebate Link that I posted- not the one that is on the Walgreens site.Also, if you go through the link I gave, you should get an email after you make your purchase telling you how to use your credit!

  7. This may be a dumb question…what do i use for a receipt to submit my rebate since this is an online purchase? I printed the final page of my order, but it shows I only paid $29.81 (with tax). Is that all they will rebate to me? The notice they emailed me also only shows $29.81…still a good deal but I was just wondering. Do I use either one of those to send in with my rebate? Could my message get any more confusing?? 🙂

  8. Just FYI– it all works great, except for the $10 does not cover shipping, which was around $5.50… so if that's worth it to you, great. Just a heads up.

  9. The rebate will only give you back what you paid for the item. I bought mine from It came with a $15 eGift card and free shipping. I paid $35.97 (or something), so I will get a rebate for that amount. Then I'll have $15 to spend on and they have free shipping to store, or a lot of stuff has $.97 shipping. Make sure to print out the confirmation page ON THE WEBSITE to send in with the rebate form. The confirmation email receipt deducts the $15 from the price of the product, so you won't get the full rebate. To make even more money, sell the product on eBay when you receive it! :)Hurry, because the items are selling out fast.


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